Chemo Hats & Scarfs: 20+ FREE Sewing Patterns

chemo hatsHere's something you may want to make for a friend

Chemo hats and scarfs are essential items for patients dealing with and hopefully recovering from cancer and the chemotherapy treatment that often is the only way to combat this disease.  While according to the National Cancer Insitute, the overall cancer death rates are on the decline, improvements in treatments have meant that the number of cancer survivors has increased greatly.

One of the main tools in combatting many forms of cancer is chemotherapy.  While this treatment saves many lives, it has some very unfortunate side effects.  In addition to severe nausea, headaches, and other side effects, chemotherapy often causes hair loss in patients.  This hair loss just adds to the pain, loss of dignity, and feelings of social disconnection that cancer sufferers often feel.  A chemo hat or scarf is often the only good way to minimize this.

It would be nice if no one ever needed this sort of thing, but unfortunately, that's just not the case.  I'm sure most of us have loved ones or at least know someone who has suffered from cancer.  You can read one of my own stories in the article linked below.

If you know someone battling cancer, a chemo hat or scarf may be a beautiful way to show your support and care.  So here are 20+ free chemo hat patterns and projects that may help you decide on something to make.

Perhaps try one of our own ideas:

chemo headwear pattern

Check It Out

chemo hats

Chemo Hats Sewing Patterns Roundup

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13 Responses to Chemo Hats & Scarfs: 20+ FREE Sewing Patterns

  1. margpea says:

    Hi Mayra, Thank you so much for this pattern I am going to make some of these for our local Oncology Clinic at our hospital. I have 3 bolts of fabric that coordinate. I bought this fabric years ago. I can’t even remember what I bought them for. I am going to use them to make chemo hats and fabric face masks. So each will have a mask and a chemo hat that coordinate. I am not going to take any money for the mask and hat. It is my small contribution to the cause. I just love your patterns and your site. Keep up the excellent work. Margie Peart

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Margie, It is my pleasure! I hope you can recruit some help for yourself, I think every little help and support we can do for people that are going thought Chemo counts. So yes let’s keep on helping.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I am so incredibly grateful to find these free patterns. My sister-in-law is about to start chemo for a combination of fallopian, uterine and breast cancer. She needs so much: hope, our prayers, good doctors, and help getting back and forth to appointments. Hopefully I can make her feel better with a bunch of pretty chemo caps/hats.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. ElayneC says:

    These patterns have come at just the right time for me. I am about to start chemo and will be needing head covers. Thank you for some great patterns.

  4. Simonne15 says:

    How refreshing to have such generosity in this world of increasingly selfish commercialism. Thank you a million times.

    • Jessica Varnes says:

      Thank you so much for these. I am about 1/2 waY through my chemo treatments and just started the hair loss so my mom wants to make some head covers for me. I am a preschool teacher so these are perfect for me to wear while playing with the kiddos

  5. Lesley Taylor says:

    What a lovely idea. My younger sister has needed to wear a chemo hat and will have to again. It will be good to make some for her and others too. Thank you for your kind gift.

  6. Wendi says:

    Pherbia- that is wonderful! Thank you from patients everywhere- kindness such as yours means so much!

  7. Margaret A Kaspar says:

    I am so happy to find these patterns. My niece and I sew for our local hospital cancer centers. I myself have alopectia and make them for myself. Thank you so much.

  8. Charlene K Noland says:

    I love seeing all the free patterns. I have downloaded several of them. Keep up the good work.

  9. Pherbia Stephens says:

    Our sewing group, who sew for the needy, are always looking for patterns to make hats for cancer patients, Thank you for these patterns. Even though I
    am 88 years old I can still sew and thank God I have a place to contribute my
    time and talent.

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