City Joggers Pattern – Starting Your Athletic Leisure Wardrobe

city joggers

This City Jogger Pattern is one of the most comfortable, everyday bottoms that I know of.  They are perfect for just about anything –from being cozy on an overnight flight to just running errands. 

city joggers

They are specially designed and made to be as comfy and relaxing as possible.  Being somewhere between a pair of snug leggings and cozy sweat pants they are also one of the most adaptable pieces in my wardrobe. 

city joggers

They have an elastic waist to allow movement and comfort, a cord for decoration and to make the city joggers tighter when exercising, and an ankle band to differentiate them from leggings and to keep you warm. 

If you're an intermediate sewist, why don't you give this comfy City Joggers Pattern a try. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.


  • cotton or bamboo knits with 20% elasticity (1 1/2 yards, 54″ wide)
  • ballpoint/jersey needle
  • thread to match
  • 1 1/4″ elastic the size of your waist plus 3/4″ more.
  • cotton or polyester cord (the width of your pants plus 6″
  • two grommets


  • grommet tool (optional) or buttonhole foot
  • stitching awl or hole puncher (optional)
  • rotary cutter (optional)

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How to Print Your Pattern

If this is your first time here and you need help to download and to assemble a pattern please read this article.  Open the pattern file using Adobe Reader and print on actual size. 

Print and assemble the pattern before you cut the fabric.

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Pattern Download Here

Pattern Layout For The City Joggers Pattern

Printing Instructions

Use the latest version of Adobe Reader, this is the only program you will need and we are not asking you to download any other program nor pay for additional programs.

Print the pattern for the carpet tote bag on Actual Size and in a Landscape format.

Body Measurements

Size Hips Length
S 35-37″ 36 1/2″
M 37-39″ 37″
L 39-41″ 37 1/2″
XL 41-43″ 38″
2XL 43-45″ 38 1/2″

Sewing Instructions

Sewing level:  Intermediate

If you never have sewn or knitted before this is the perfect project to start with, however, you will need to first know how to place grommets or make a buttonhole (depending on which you choose to do).

The following instructions below are the best way to sew knit type pants that do not require much fitting.

Seam allowance is NOT included, add 3/8″.  The use of a serger is ideal but not necessary. Use a 3 step zigzag to reinforce the seam allowance.

Step One:  Sewing The Sides

From and back together with the print side facing each other pin the sides. 

city joggers

city joggers

city joggers

Sew the legs at 3/8″ chosen seam allowance.

Step Two: Sewing The Crotch

Join the legs at the crotch, you will have to slide one leg inside the other

city joggers

Turn one leg print side out, leaving the other print side in.

city joggers

Slide the leg with the right print side inside the other leg.

city joggers

city joggers

city joggers

Pin the crotch and sew at 3/8″.

city joggers

Step Three: Making The Box Pleat

Please refer to the following tutorial on how to make a box pleat, if box pleats are not your thing you can also make a normal pleat by folding the pleat to the centre seam or towards the crotch.

Easy Pleated Skirt Pattern, FREE Sew-Along: Part 1

Sew the pleat the length that is marked in your pattern.

Flatten the pleat making sure the stitching is in the middle of the pleat. Pin.

city joggers

city joggers

city joggers

Step Four: Making The Waist Band

Measure the circumference of the waist of your city joggers

city joggers

Cut the waistband the length plus your seam allowance times 2 you have measured by 3 1/5″. We are making a band so you need the seam allowance to be able to sew the waistband.

city joggers

Place a piece of fusible interfacing at each side of the seam, this is where you will be able to piece the grommets.

city joggers

city joggers

Cut the elastic the size of your waist or slightly larger. Remember that you will be threading a cord that will help you keep the city jogger from falling off when you are running, so the elastic does not need to be tight around your waist.

city joggers

Insert the elastic inside the waistband. Pin.

city joggers

city joggers

Align the seam of the waistband with the front seam of the city joggers. Pin the waistband and sew at 3/8″.

city joggers

city joggers

city joggers

Step Five: Making The Ankle Bands

Basically, it is the same way you make the waistband. Measure around the hem adds the seam allowance twice.

Cut the strip of fabric 3″ wide and the length of the hem and sew.

city joggers

city joggers

Fold wrong sides facing each other print will be facing out.

Thread the band pin the the raw edges together. Sew at 3/8″.

city joggers

city joggers

And that's all! As you can see it's surprisingly quick and easy to complete the pattern. In fact, I think I'll make a few more for myself since they are some of the most comfortable pants that I own.

Also, I think I'll play with this pattern a little bit and add some pockets. What type of pockets do you think will look best? Leave me your answer in the comments below and I'll be sure to try out the best suggestion.

Hope you enjoyed the pattern, And Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!

recycling old placemats

city joggers

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52 Responses to City Joggers Pattern – Starting Your Athletic Leisure Wardrobe

  1. Tetiana says:

    Hi all,
    Can anybody please explain what color refers to what size? I can’t see any explication either on the pattern or here.
    The design is beautiful! Can’t wait to start sewing the pants.

  2. bonnijeanmarley says:

    Can the drawstring be eliminated?

  3. Nina says:

    Love your patterns, Would love to see this with inseam, less bulky pockets. I also am not a fan of the pleats. How could I eliminate them or should I substitute a dart instead?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi, Nina yes to both.Cheers!

      • JK says:

        Umm, hi. I’m a newbie here and to sewing clothing though I do have a craft sewing history. So I hope my question isn’t ridiculous (apologies in advance if it is). I think I understood most of Nina’s comment but I’m stuck on the inseam bit. Isn’t that the inside leg measurement? I don’t understand what she wants to see about it but judging from your response you did. I thought your assembly instructions above were very clear but I haven’t printed the pattern yet so maybe I missed something there? Any insight you could share would be much appreciated.

        Best Regards,

        • Mayra Cecilia says:

          Hi JK, she meant the type of pockets, less bulky and hardly noticeable (in between the side seams) useless you stick your hands in them.

  4. casey says:

    Is there a projector or A0 file available? Like so many others, I am strictly using a projector for digital patterns now.

  5. annette morrow says:

    Hi mayra thanks for all your lovely patterns. recently I purchased one of your cup of coffee as a donation and I was routed and charged 2$ from your the company server overseas. Is this normal routine just wondering if I did something wrong.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Not at all! We do not charge for anything nor our server, we use PayPal for paid patterns and donations through Ko.Fi. Looks like it is on your end with your service provider. I would get on the phone and inquire about this. Empty your cache and erase your cookies and try again. Speeds your computer and keeps you safer. Let me know what you find out. Kind Regards,

  6. Maggie Rose says:

    I realize this is a copy-paste error, but maybe you want to fix it, for clarity? This is just below the image of the jogger layout, after the sentence about Adobe and before the body measurements…it says this:

    Print the pattern for the carpet tote bag on Actual Size and in a Landscape format

    Warm regards,

  7. Kay says:

    I agree that pockets are essential; and in-seam pockets would be the best.


  8. clare johnson says:

    Follow up to my 1st comment, have you thought about a matching similar style Women’s Pull Over Long Sleeved Hoodie, to match w/ City Joggers?

  9. clare johnson says:

    Love This Pattern…Finally , a Chic. Sleek Comfortable option, versus sweat pants / lounge pants. Do you have an option for adding inside pocked on both side in the front ? Commend you for your great attention to all the details, your PDF Patterns, Instructions leave very little to imagination. Appreciate…Love so many of your Patterns. Thank You for Sharing. City Joggers are on my ” Sew very soon ” List, me 1st, then daughter, husband and maybe a few friends/relatives for Xmas Gifts.
    PS : Did I miss where amount of Fabric required for City Joggers ?
    Thank YOu

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Clare, I used 54″ stretch knit with 25% you will need no more than 1.5 yards. Buy three so you can make the top that will come soon…CHEERS!

  10. JQ says:

    Please add some pockets (inseam?)soon. Pockets are essential to me 🙂

  11. kc says:

    Is 2 way stretch fabric ok or does it need to be 4 way?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi KC the important thing is that the fabric can stretch a minimum of 25% horizontally. I have made this city joggers on a 4-way stretch and they look sleek because they fall close to the body making them a lovely pair of party pants.

  12. June says:

    Is it possible to make this in “extended” sizes?

  13. Ruth Chapman says:

    If I wanted to make these for someone who is a size 22 or 2XL womens would the SXL be large enough?

  14. karenanno says:

    I agree with Cathy that the inseam “patch-type” pocket would be the best for that type of pants and the recommended material. Since I don’t own pants without pockets I think I will wait on the update before I try the pattern. I love what you have done with the ankle bands.

  15. Anne says:

    I like inseam pockets. I would make the pocket bag wide enough at the top to be caught into the waist band half way toward the center front to support the pocket.

  16. Magdalene Forbis says:

    I love the looks of the pants but I really LOVE pockets. I like the regular one that fit inside the pant with the outside comfortable to put my hand to get put keys, etc. in.
    Love your work. I have been on your email list several years.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Thank you, Magdalene, for your suggestions and above all for letting me know that you have been on the mailing list all these years.

  17. Jessica says:

    For pockets, I would think because of the pleats, side seam slit pockets would probably be best. I just don’t think that slanted pockets would be flattering with the pleats. Thanks sew much for all you do!

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      My Pleasure Jessica, I think you pose great questions, would it be flattering with the pleats the use of slanted pockets? I think this subject is worth investigating.

  18. Mea Cadwell says:

    These are what I’ve been looking for ! Thank you.

  19. Anne Evans says:

    Thank you so much. I’m struggling with bloating at the moment so wearing mostly leggings! I have a few trouser patterns but can never get the crotch to lie right at the front, hoping these will address that issue. 😉

  20. Sew Hoppy says:

    In-seam pockets! Pockets are essential for everyday wear fir a tissue, lip balm, etc.

  21. Becky Turner says:

    Is there a yardage requirement listed somewhere?
    Or did I just miss it ?
    I downloaded the pattern and could not find it there either….

  22. Cathy says:

    I’m glad I read to the end – for me, pants without pockets are a waste of time these days with cell phones etc. The easiest would be inseam pockets, the least bulky would be an inseam “patch-type” pocket.
    I am curious though, why would you wait to do the pleat? It seems to me that doing the pleat as the very first step would mean that you are only dealing with a small piece, not wrestling with the entire pants.

  23. Christine says:

    Hi Myra Cecilia,
    I love all of your patterns, but am I missing something here? I do not see what estimated yardage is needed for the City Joggers.
    Please let me know. Thank you.

  24. nellou says:

    Hi and thank you! I immediately downloaded your pattern — these pants look like just what I want to wear every day. However, they don’t come in a size large enough! Your XL is not as large as most XLs I come across. I am not sure just how much I can add to the pattern and have it work out ok. Any suggestions? I will be happy to make my donation if it turns out I can use the pattern. I’m looking forward to trying it if you can give me some tips. Thank you.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Nellou, The fabric is key here. These pants are not supposed to be baggy nor as skin tied as leggings and it is for stretch knits only with a minimum of 25% stretch, print both XL and 2XL and compare the measurements with your body especially the hips. Thanks for your feedback…Cheers!

      • Fritzi Schecklmann says:

        Just found your site and LOVE these pants. Great 60s vibe for comfy chic. With it being stretchy fabric if I wanted too omit the pleats could I just move the dart to the side seam? And how do I sign up for the weekly pattern newsletter? Any way to retrieve past ones? Thank you so much for your generosity!

        • Mayra Cecilia says:

          Hi Fritzi, I will be writing a post about this using this pattern. Stay tuned. I republish the past patterns from time to time. The best way is to subscribe so you can see what patterns are available for download.

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