Can you cut paper with your sewing scissors?

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

Ah ha – the age-old question.  Should we keep our sewing scissors just for cutting fabric?  Will cutting paper somehow ‘dull' the scissors, make them less sharp, or less able to cut fabric if we dare to cut paper with them as well?

Is this just an urban myth?  Did seamstresses of old simply pass on this mantra to stop the family from endlessly borrowing their sewing scissors?  Was it just told to make sure the sewing scissors were always there when they needed them? We've all seen the funny memes on social media warning of the dire consequences of using our sewing scissors to cut paper.

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

It's discussed from time to time in the sewing chat group, and there will always be those who say yes they cut with paper occasionally and still have nice sharp scissors.  We all will often cut out our tissue paper patterns with the sewing scissors, or lie the pattern out on top of the fabric and cut both layers at once, tissue and fabric.  I won't lie, sometimes I find myself reaching out and picking up the wrong scissors when I'm cutting out my PDF sewing patterns from regular printer paper.  The sky hasn't fallen in on me yet!

I did once discover hubby cutting mosquito netting with them, but I don't think that would have done too much harm.  We've all heard the horror stories of what other reckless husbands might have been caught doing – cutting wire,  opening cans, removing screws and other such horrors!  Yes, that might just be grounds for divorce!

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors


But is it all just hearsay and doom and gloom, or should we really lock those scissors away?

So I asked some scissor experts:

Jackie Webster, Sales and Marketing Manager at Havel's Sewing – “That is an excellent question!  You will receive a different answer from experts and artists that use their scissors daily.  I certainly have!

The technical answer is, do not use fabric scissors on paper, and vice versa.  I stand by this for one reason.  I was a hairdresser and if I used my hair cutting scissors on anything else, they were useless!  I think there is a difference in paper grain and fabrics.  Even denim is different than that of paper grains.

I have an artist that swears she has used our scissors (Sew Creative Line)  on paper, leather, denim, and all other types of fabrics, including silk!”

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors


Kris, Customer Service at Kai Scissors – “Yes, using your fabric scissors on paper will indeed dull them, this is why:  Various clays, and/or calcium carbonate, are a component of many papers, including cardboard. They are there to make the paper stiff.   These minerals are abrasive and dull the scissors.

I would recommend never using your fabric scissors or shears to cut any kind of paper because they will become blunt and make the whole process of cutting fabric slow and a chore and can ultimately damage the cloth.”

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

Marta P. at Fiskars/Gingher Customer Service and Warranty – “All items dull scissors.  Paper is cellulose and has finishing agents, fabric is natural or manmade fibers. So if you cut denim, wool, polyester, nylon, spandex etc, those fibers will dull scissors faster than regular light and medium weight cotton. If you are only cutting cotton with your scissors, cutting paper will dull them faster. If you are using them on all different materials, cutting paper with them will not necessarily dull them faster than those other harsher fibers.  All scissors become dull with use, and you can cut paper with them, you will just need to get them sharpened more often.

Paper does produce a lot of lint, which collects on the blades and quickly makes the scissors or shears feel rough when opening and closing them. This paper lint should be frequently wiped off of the blades in order to restore a smooth feel.

You can cut paper with any Fiskars or Gingher scissors or shears, but we do not advise cutting paper with our knife edge scissors or shears. Because the knife edge is not necessary for cutting paper, and since paper lint needs to be wiped off the blades frequently, it is better to use scissors and shears which do not have a knife edge as this very sharp edge presents an extra need for caution in handling.”

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

The last word about paper versus scissors

Here is a good explanation from the ‘ask the scientist' forum:

“Various clays, and/or calcium carbonate, are a component of many papers, including cardboard. They are there to make the paper stiff, to adjust the absorption of inks, to keep the paper hard when it is wet (wet strength), and as a filler (Clays are less expensive than wood fiber in many cases, depending upon the quality of the paper.) These minerals are abrasive and dull the scissors.” 

Our reader's thoughts and experiences

If you are a member of the sewing chat group, you can catch up with other members on this topic.  If you aren't a member yet – why not! It's the best sewing chat group on Facebook – apply to join right away and start asking, answering, sharing, learning, and having lots more sewing fun.  See you there.


Your turn – so now tell me what do you think.  What has been your experience with cutting paper – or not!  And what was the craziest thing you caught someone doing with your best sewing scissors?

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can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

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69 Responses to Can you cut paper with your sewing scissors?

  1. Darla A Maleche says:

    I had my back to my sewing table, while I was on the sewing machine, when I heard this noise that sounded like my scissors hitting the table. I whipped around and there was this person (a friend of a friend who had stopped by), she had just cut her credit card with my scissor. Needless to say she will never be allowed in my home again.

  2. karene1948 says:

    Anyone who comes into my craft space knows NOT to touch any scissors with gray handles or gray tape on them — they will be banned for life if they do! I do not cut paper with my sewing scissors. I trace the pattern onto the fabric and then cut it out. I am visually impaired so do this with a Sharpie that will give a really clear line to cut on. I draw just off the paper so I know to cut just inside the Sharpie line. It has worked for me for years and I don’t intend to change. Yes, everything dulls scissors in time, but why would I hurry to have them sharpened sooner then necessary? Paper scissors are for paper. Fabric scissors are for fabric 😀 My son was given a pair of Fiskars left handed sheers when he took family studies way back in the day. Those scissors are still working for him — and NO ONE uses them for anything other then fabric (or so he tells me). Getting scissors sharpened is not easy as the person I prefer to do mine is quite a distance away and transportation is needed to get there. I think it is easier to sharpen my “good” scissors occasionally then have them used for any and all substances and have to sharpen them more frequently.

  3. Pauline Hulett says:

    You can use them to trim the edges of fabric before washing it ready for quilting blocks especially hand dyes so they don’t get frayed when washing.


    i put a piece of coloured masking tape on the scissors that are to be used for cutting paper so my best ones are left alone, a bit of paint would also be a good marker.

  5. Margaret O'Brien says:

    An older friend told me many years ago, a “secret” that I have kept from children and grandchildren….Show them a Brand New pair of CHEAP scissors, explain to them these are your BEST fabric scissors and must never be used for paper or,other things. Put them into a box of so-so scissors. HIDE your best scissors where they won’ t find them….I find an knitting and crochet bpx the right place for mine. This “secret” has lasted through my 60 married years, and never been told until now. Of course none of my six daughters or 19 grandchildren have discovered it, and doubt they’ll read this.

  6. Noreen says:

    I have NO NO NO written on my fabric scissors with Sharpie!

  7. Lynda Buchholz says:

    I have paper patterns that I use and cut that paper just fine and my scissors stay sharp till they get dull which they do even if I just cut fabric.

  8. tucsoncarol says:

    I try to keep my shears for fabric only but I don’t stress if they get used for paper. All scissors dull, all scissors need to be sharpened.
    Particularly these days, many fabrics are cellulose based and paper often has a high cotton content. Some say that the sizing (surface treatment) of paper is why they should have separate scissors but nothing I buy regularly has more sizing than fabric.

  9. Suzzette Naylor says:

    I love my scissors, I have several dozen pairs. Good, fancy, nice colour, dainty. I have them all. But my shears and sewing scissors have ribbons tied on them which mean HANDS OFF OR DIE. I definitely would go mad if I found my GOOD (generally Fiskars) in the hands of anyone else in the house, for any reason.

  10. Anna M says:

    I have a pair of Henkles scissors that were used for thirty years before they finally needed to be sharpened. I have used them for paper & for cutting thin wires for my craft projects. This is probably why the went dull.

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