Cutest Free Baby Shoe Patterns

Cutest Free Baby Shoes Patterns

Can you think of anything cuter than baby shoes? Those tiny – often not functional – pieces of fabric would almost make me consider a baby #4… Almost that is, so for now I'll dive into these ten too cute free baby shoe patterns just for baby gifts. They hardly take any fabric, just some puzzling with tiny pattern pieces, so it's a great scrapbuster.

Last year, I made the booties by This Heart Of Mine, perfect to keep little feet warm for fall and winter because – as promised in the tutorial – they actually stay on the little feet due to the elastic in the back.

However, though these patterns and tutorials are mostly for babies, I think even my boy would love those Dragon Slippers from Made By Rae. The tutorial explains how to draft a pattern by tracing the wearer's foot, so I think it should work for my five years old as well! Though superheroes are becoming ever more fascinating, he still adores his toddler dragon costume, so this might be a nice substitute.

Quite a few of these patterns are for felt baby shoes. I love to use felt, since it's soft and warm, yet doesn't need any seam finish since it doesn't unravel. Especially with those tiny pattern pieces, that is a big plus. If your baby is starting to walk already, you might want to add some non-slippery material to the sole, or add a few lines of rubber glue or anything that makes the sole a bit more sticky, since felt is very soft, but hence it easily slides all over smooth floors…

The cutest free patterns for baby shoes

Do you have any favourite free baby shoe pattern that I missed? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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11 Responses to Cutest Free Baby Shoe Patterns

  1. Rachelle Gebhardt says:

    I appreciate your patterns:) however it would be nice when downloaded that instructions are added and we dont have to go to another site to find them.. also this page is so hard to get through the ads are maddening, I keep pressing the links and nothing happens but an ad.. then I when I finally did get redirected the blueprints page wouldn’t let me download kept having to sign in over and over took like 10 minutes for it to finally happen correctly:(

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Rachelle, sadly this is a roundup, meaning a collections of other designers. I can not control other people pages and yes you do need a membership to Bluprint to get the pattern for free.

  2. ayerim says:

    hello!.. I am looking for a basic pattern but in all sizes… 0-24months… is it possible?? thanks!!!…

  3. Hello, I am looking for a pattern for a bootie that was popular in the 70’s. At that time you could buy them in stores! They were made of corduroy, had the non-slip sole and string type pull closure. You are probably too young to remember these, but maybe someone remembers. I would really appreciate the help!

  4. Hani Wachyuni says:

    Hi, thanks for your sharing patterns. the shoes and booties are very pretty. I would like to make for my newbor daughter.

  5. Melissa Sturgis says:

    These are pretty booties that I would like to make for my unborn grandson.

  6. Jean Ferreira says:

    No pattern ever showed up. The shoes are adorable, but this time around I really need the pattern, not just a photo of a finish shoe.
    Thanks, Jean

  7. Anushree kumar says:

    If shoes are so cute that I wish to make for my coming child plz forward me the patterns for slip on shoe for my child

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Anushree, all you have to do is click on the link to go to the blog that has the pattern and the instructions. This are adorable shoes!

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