Designing Your Home Sewing Center – Simple Yet Valuable Tips

Even if you just sew for personal use or you also accept sewing projects from friends and acquaintances for some extra earning, your best friend aside from your sewing machine and supplies is your sewing area. Hence, you’d want a sewing space that is both comfortable and efficient. That being said, here are a few useful tips for designing your home sewing center.


designing your home sewing center

Sort out every single sewing material that you have. Separate those that you use most frequently, those that you rarely use (but you are sure that you still need) and those that you do not need anymore. For those you will no longer be using, give them away or if they have a bit of a value, you can sell it as a preloved item on ebay or craiglist. Bottomline is, you have to get rid of those you do not need and have no use for anymore.


designing your home sewing center

If you already have cabinets built on the walls of your sewing spaces, take measurements so you will know what storage container size you need to purchase that will all fit your storage areas. After you have determined the size/ dimensions of the containers you need, purchase clear ones. This way you can easily see what they carry without having to open them one by one.

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designing your home sewing center

Sitting at your sewing machine/ workstation, identify the most accessible storage space from where you are. There you should place the notions that you use more frequently.

Make sure to put labels not just on the container but also on the container’s place. This way you know where you put each container back routinely and in no time, you will know exactly where to find what you need even with your eyes closed.

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Get Comfy

designing your home sewing center

Find a working chair that you are comfortable sitting and working on. It should be not too high nor too high for your sewing machine. It should have a backrest and an armrest for added comfort. However, you also have to make sure that the armrest is just low/ high enough that it will not be hindering you from moving freely.

These are just simple things that you can follow when designing your home sewing center in order to make your working space more functional hence more efficient. Happy sewing!

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8 Responses to Designing Your Home Sewing Center – Simple Yet Valuable Tips

  1. Have you thought about immersing your rotary cutter in rice in between uses. You could probably use the pink container you’re already using to store it. Rice immersion is used to dry out cell phones that get dropped in water. Could work.

  2. I. Reid says:

    I think you need drawers near your machine to keep items in. I had a local carpenter make me a sewing center many years ago with a “pencil” drawer in the middle and graduated drawers on the side. Works great! Threads, needles and small items in the pencil drawer, then trims and fabric in the others. With all of the storage ideas on the market today many combos would be relatively cheap and handy.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I have something similar. I also have my thread and bobbins organized in a drawer. This works so well. I find I am putting things away and keeping my workspace more accessible.

  3. Margaret Baines says:

    I have a sewing room. Behind my sewing machine I have a wooden peg board where I hang my tools.(scissors,rulers,turning tools etc. Very handy and easy to see and use.

  4. Anna says:

    I think that there might be valuable info here but it’s so filled with ads that it’s difficult to read and navigate. Sorry, I know you have to make money somehow but this site is too ad-filled.

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