30+ FREE Dinosaur Sewing Patterns & Projects

dinosaur sewing patterns

Is someone in your family absolutely in love with dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are popular with kids of all ages. They make wonderful subjects of sewing projects from the most simple to some that could be pretty complicated.

My son really loved dinosaurs when he was a baby. I developed the Pinch Grip Oven Mitt Pattern linked below so I could keep him happy and entertained while I was in the kitchen.

To get you started, I put together this list of dinosaur sewing pattern ideas to try to inspire you too. Please enjoy.

Why Not Try One of Our Patterns?

Here's one of our own dinosaur sewing patterns that you may like. I made these years and years ago and am still using them.

Dinosaur Sewing Patterns Roundup

Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, or right-click and open in a new tab to keep this page open too.

Please enjoy this collection of dinosaur sewing ideas & patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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dinosaur sewing patterns

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[…] You might want to check these 30+ FREE Dinosaur Sewing Patterns. […]

Frances Bond
Frances Bond

My goodness this site is nearly impossible to read because of the number of adds that keep appearing. Such a shame. Because of this I’ll be unsubscribing.