DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas: Two Mini-Projects

Who doesn’t love trendy jeans? And with all the new trends raging this season you would want to spend the whole of your income to get your hands on some of the branded beauties you have been drooling over. But what if we tell you that you can recreate these trendy jeans yourself by transforming your old jeans through simple DIY projects? So, are you ready to give your denim wardrobe an upgrade to the latest trends? Here two creative DIY projects to update your denim.

DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas

DIY Jeans with Pearl Embellishments

The pearl embellished jeans are the new sexy of the season and all the girls have been drooling over them. But did you know you can make them right at your home with just some basic sewing skills and a couple dozen of pearls?

Let’s show you how:

You will need:

  • A pair skinny Boyfriend jeans.
  • Plastic pearls in variable sizes and your favorite colors.
  • Needle, Thread, and Scissors


  • You can stitch each pearl separately which is the best way to avoid losing a handful if threads go loose.
  • However, if you are in a hurry, stitch them in continuity.
  • You can also stitch larger pearls one by one and the smaller ones with a single thread.
  • Scatter the larger pearls across the area which you want to embellish and then fill in the area with smaller pearls while stitching them properly, not too tight or too loose.

So, go ahead and create a pattern of your choice with the pearls. For a peppier look make a consistent pattern while for an edgier look go with a scattered pattern. It is all up to your taste and style.

DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas

DIY Pom Pom Jeans

Pom Pom trim in your favorite color has the ability to take a basic look up many notches. So, our next DIY project is all about creating a Pom Pom jeans that would upgrade your old jeans into a completely adorable pair.

DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas

DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas

You will need:

  • A well-fitted pair of jeans.
  • Pom Pom trim in your preferred color
  • Needle, Thread, and Scissors


  • Fold over the raw edge of the pom pom trim and start stitching it to the edge of your pocket seam carefully for a finished look.
  • Finish by folding the other edge of the trim and stitching it as well. Jeans can be really thick so it would be easier to stitch it along the edge of the seam. You can also continue the trim all the way down your jeans for a peppier look.
  • You can go for just the pockets or the side as well which is completely your own choice. Repeat the steps for the other leg as well.

Create a completely adorable and cute look with the pom poms and transform your old jeans into a completely new pair.

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So, go ahead and create your own trendy jeans with our amazing DIY ways by applying your sewing skills. You would just love how you can follow these latest trends without having to spend a fortune.

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11 Responses to DIY Trendy Jeans Ideas: Two Mini-Projects

  1. Séverine says:

    Bonjour, très belles réalisations possibles.
    Mais je me pose une question quelle est la marque des baskets en jean car j’ai flashé dessus.
    Je suis désolée si ce commentaire est hors sujet.

  2. Gail Beam says:

    Forgot to add that the pearls would look great sewn a jean jacket to go with the jeans

  3. Gail Beam says:

    Love your ideas. Thank you

  4. Jennifer Wright says:

    In the 70`s I embroidered my jeans and stitched slogan and picture patched all over them. My most loved jeans [501’s]

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      I wish you could remake them! Would you like t to contribute to this blog? It would be so awesome to see how you made it.

  5. Mea Cadwell says:

    I’ve been doing hand sewing some reverse applique, on a pair of much loved jeans. to try to keep them that much longer. Putting darker denim, from another doomed pair of jeans, underneath the legs. I can foresee the entire thing covered in “graffiti” when I’m done.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Hi Mayra, cute ideas! Is there supposed to be an “after” pic of the pom pom jeans? Would love to see the finished result. The recycled denim ideas link isn’t actually a link, it won’t click through and only allows it to be pinned to Pinterest. Would you please fix?

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