Easter Bunnies to Sew

More than 30 sewing patterns, tutorials and inspiration for Easter Bunnies to sew.

It's that time of year to celebrate the passing of winter, the end of the long dark months and the coming of Spring.  Our gardens are bursting into bloom, we see more of the sunshine and a drive through the countryside is full of the joys of new fresh leaves on the trees, and baby lambs scampering around in the fields.

Spring is here, and with it, Easter.  Whether you celebrate it as a religious festival or just enjoy it as a celebration of Spring and an excuse to eat chocolate, the Easter Bunny is a prominent symbol of this time of year.

Here is an interesting article about how the pagan Goddess of Spring and Fertility was accompanied by a hare, and how the hare emerged as the Easter Bunny. It also tells us about the origins of the Easter Egg and how the ancient traditions for the Spring festival morphed into some of the Christian traditions for Easter.

Or read about the history and origins of the Easter Bunny on Wikipedia.  Isn't it amazing how so much information is immediately available to us these days.  Still blows my mind.

All that history aside, its fun to sew and Easter Bunny and here are lots of patterns, tutorials and inspirations so that you can sew your own bevvy of bunnies.  Another trivia item for you – a group of rabbits is known as a ‘colony' or a ‘nest'.

Easter Bunnies to Sew

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