Easy felt Christmas tree ornaments – review

Genius idea for how to make quick and easy felt ornaments for the tree. These come in 2 sizes, mini and regular. Great for kids.

So by now you may have already made your Fab Felt Christmas Tree.  But you'll need to make some matching fab felt Christmas tree ornaments to go with it.  Here you'll find a great assortment of felt tree ornaments including the easiest ever – I promise!

I wrote about these easy to make felt ornaments originally as part of the Christmas in July feature – check out the earlier article about them HERE.

Using the downloadable ornament sheets, you can create these pretty and colorful ornaments from plain white felt and some t-shirt transfer sheets.  Simply iron the images onto the white felt, cut around the image, back it with another sheet of plain white felt and stitch around the edge.  You can add a little dimension by filling them with a little polyfil and add on a string or thin ribbon to hang them.

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Download the Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments pack

You can download these sheets of designs for the felt ornaments from my design account at Payhip.  If you haven't already, check out the Fab Felt Christmas Tree too.

Here are just a few of the designs that are included in the pack.  They come in two sizes too – smaller ones for using on your Fab Felt Tree and larger ones that you can use on a full size Christmas Tree.

Genius idea for how to make quick and easy felt ornaments for the tree. These come in 2 sizes, mini and regular. Great for kids.

These are the sheets you can download – cut out the images, iron them onto white felt, cut, sew and fill.  Cute felt ornaments just from white felt with no fuss.Bright Christmas ornaments to make out of felt. Genius idea - iron on the design, cut out, stuff and hang! Mini and full size.

Take a look back through the original article about these Easy Felt Ornaments to see exactly what you need and how easy these are to make.

 Other Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

Back in the Christmas in July feature earlier this year, some of my favorite bloggers took part in our blog hop and created an original idea just for you.  Take a look at some of these fab ideas below – click through on the image to go to the original posts back in July if you missed them.  These all require a bit more time and effort, but wow, they're great!

3 fab felt and fabric Christmas ornaments to sew. 6 fab felt and fabric Christmas ornaments to sew. 4 great tutorials for felt Christmas ornaments to make 4 great fabric and felt Christmas Tree Ornament tutorials 4 fab felt Christmas Ornaments to sew, all with tutorials.

So that's a quick summary of all the great ornaments on the site from the Christmas in July feature.  There are also other Christmas sewing ideas on my Pinterest Board – check out some of these ideas.

This board is a collaborative group board so if you would like to add your own Christmas sewing ideas to the board, just drop me an email and ask for an invite, with the email address you use on Pinterest.

Follow Deby at So Sew Easy's board Christmas Sewing on Pinterest.


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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

so so many cute ornament here!! I need to sit down with my felt stash and get to work!! Pinning!