Easy Thanksgiving Apron pattern

Hi, I'm Ula from Lulu & Celeste. I like to share the projects, mainly sewing related, that I make for and with my two little girls over on my blog. When I'm not blogging or sewing I'm usually chasing the littles around the yard. Today I'm sharing a tutorial for a Thanksgiving apron. I like to make aprons because you can use some pretty fun fabrics and can easily change up the looks of them depending on the embellishments you use.

This one is nice and easy and perfect for beginners.


Fabric requirements: based on 42” wide fabric. See the cut chart for exact measurements. There will be some fabric leftover.

  • Fabric A (waistband/sash): 3/4 yard
  • Fabric B (skirt): ¾ yard
  • Fabric C (overskirt): one fat quarter

Materials required:

  • Fabric (see requirements above)
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Thread, needles, pin
  • Washable marker, optional

Cut chart: (length x width)

Waistband, cut one 8.75” x 21.25”
Sash, cut two 8.75” x 42”
Skirt, cut one 19 ⅝” x 31.25”
overskirt, cut one 14.5” x 14.5″
Interfacing, cut one 4” x 20.5”

Finished length: Approx 22”

How to sew your easy Thanksgiving apron

Step 1: Cut out all pieces.


Step 2: Prepare waistband.

Fold waistband in half wrong sides together (WST) and press. Fuse interfacing piece to wrong side of waistband piece (center the interfacing lining it up against the fold).


Turn under and press the bottom and top long edges of waistband by 3/8″.


Step 3: Unfold the long edges of the waistband. Take one sash piece and WST line up a short edge with one of the short edges of the waistband. Pin and stitch in place use ⅜” seam allowance. Repeat with the second sash on the other short edge of waistband. Press open seam allowance.


Step 4: Fold waistband/sash in half widthwise WST and lightly press.


Stitch starting along one short edge using ⅜” seam allowance and ending 3 inches from waistband seam.


Repeat along other short edge. Clip corners, turn and press.

Step 5: The Skirt. Press ¼” towards wrong side along two short edges and one long edge. Press again this time ⅜” along two short edges and 1” along the long edge (for the bottom hem). Stitch close to fold. Doing mitered corners where the side seams meet the bottom hem would look really nice. Repeat for overskirt.


Step 6: Here we are going to do a little bit of gathering. I like to keep the front flat (I don’t need the extra bulkiness there 😉 ) and then gather just on the outer edges. The middle 7” will remain flat but that can be changed to your preference. Find the center point of the skirt and measure and mark (with a pin or a fabric marker) at 3.5” on each side of the center point.


Using the longest stitch length on your machine, run one line of gathering stitches ¼” from the raw edge starting from one point and stitching towards the outer edge. Run a second line of gathering stitches ½” from the edge, again starting from one point and sewing to the outer edge. Repeat for the other side. Pulling the bobbin threads gather both sides until the skirt matches the waistband width.


Step 7: Even out the gathers and pin the wrong side of skirt to right side of the back waistband, lining up raw edges. Make sure to align the edges of the skirt with the side seams of the waistband/sash. Making sure not to catch the other edge of the waistband, baste in place ¼” from raw edge.


Step 8: Center the overskirt on top of the skirt and baste in place ¼” from the raw edge.

Step 9: Turn the waistband over and turn the raw edges to inside the waistband. Press and pin in place.


Step 10: Topstitch all around the waistband/sash, and remove any visible gathering stitches and trim threads. Give the apron one final press and you are done!

So Sew Easy Apron


Thank you so much to So Sew Easy for having me!

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I’m Ula and I blog at luluandceleste.blogspot.com about the sewing projects and crafts I make for myself and for (and with!) my two little girls. I have a fabric and craft stash that is way out of control and I’m trying my best to craft my way through it all. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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