Floral Embroidered Velvet Hoodie Pattern- Well Almost….

embroidered velvet hoodie patternThis project started as an experiment.  I wanted to make a floral-embroidered velvet hoodie.  Very happily I thought I had found the perfect fabric at my local fabric store.  It was a beautiful embroidered knit and on sale too.  What could be better?  However, upon approaching the checkout counter, the lady tells me I owe $280 dollars for a yard and a half of fabric!

I thought I had heard wrongly and extended my body around to see the number in the cash register –yep, I had heard right– that's the price.  I inspected the fabric closely again and asked, is this silk or gold maybe??  Nope, 100% pure polyester.  Had I known the price and fiber content of the fabric I would have never picked this roll of fabric, of course.  The cashier and I got into an argument:  “I cut the fabric so you should pay” and from me “there was no price and how can you charge so much for polyester?  Plus I found it in a pile under a 30% off sign”.  Eventually, I prevail and leave without the beautiful but insanely expensive knit.

So I got to thinking, what if I just add the embroidery myself and save the $200 dollars?  A little problem….my machine is useless when it comes to embroidery. I can do quite a lot with it if I am inclined to work hard and put the time in, but the best I can usually hope for from it is common sewing stitches.  So I decided to use embroidered patches instead to achieve the look I was hoping for while keeping the costs down.

A small pang of envy springs into my heart every time the embroidery subject is touched.  If I could, I would purchase the Bernina 780 and place it in a shrine only to be touch when adding texture to any fabric by embroidering away.  I have this maniacal image of myself embroidering away until the wee hours of the morning to end up with a majestic gown.

Embroidered Velvet Hoodie Pattern

My current Juki machine, however, is having a hard time even stitching a straight line these days, so I will be using a new technique to transfer the embroidery to the velvet.  I'll write a separate tutorial about how to do this next week.

This project uses stretchable velvet.  Many would say that this is a scary fabric to work with, but I can assure you this is a myth, it is actually possible to succeed with stretchable velvet.  The secret is a walking foot and a ton of patience.  Go very slow.

This is a completely new hoodie pattern and I've changed the design based on lots of reader feedback.  There's now a bit more room in this hoodie pattern compared with the prior version.  If you had the opportunity of making the first hoodie then this one is going to be even easier to make.  The interfacing, lining, and pockets are all optional. Embroidered Velvet Hoodie PatternI did use the interfacing and lined the hood using the velvet. I think it made it too thick although I like the look of the velvet draping on the back.Embroidered Velvet Hoodie PatternI scratched the pockets completely due to my machine, but you shouldn't.  It just became all too thick for it to navigate.

I have placed the embroidered patches on the shoulders, to balance the design one side has more flowers than the other.Embroidered Velvet Hoodie Pattern And finally a small amount on one of the sleeves. Embroidered Velvet Hoodie Pattern


  • 1 yard of embroidered tulle or lace
  • 1 3/4 – to 2.2 yards of stretchable velvet
  • 1/2 yard of 4-way knit for the lining of the hood (optional)
  • 1 jacket zipper 22 to 24″ in length
  • 2 grommets
  • 1 long shoelace


Fabric Recommendations for a floral embroidered velvet hoodie

Pattern Layout

Embroidered Velvet Hoodie Pattern

Pattern Download

Opt In Image
Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for this Embroidered Velvet Hoodie from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

How to print the pattern

We do not ask you to download any additional program other than Adobe Reader which is completely FREE.

Use Adobe Reader to download and open the patterns, to print your pattern size, print on Actual Size and Landscape form.  Do not scale the pattern.

Finished measurements

From S 40″, M 43″, L 46″, XL 49″, XXL 52″ to XXXL 55″ at the bust line.  It is the same measurement for the hips.

How to sew your floral embroidered velvet hoodie

I have good news and bad news: The good news is that the instructions are exactly the same as the other Hoodie I have already shared with you.  The size and shape of this new pattern are different and better, I think, based on feedback but the method and steps to make it are the same as the previous hoodie pattern which is linked below.

hoodie pattern

Read this Tutorial

The bad news is that I am experiencing sewing machine troubles.  My industrial machine is unable to sew the stretchable velvet since it just chews it up.  My industrial machine is a workhorse and prefers leather or canvas.  My home sewing machine has lost its alignment and must be sent to be repaired.

I have to say I will have to make a review of my machine model, but I will do it when I am not angry.  I've already got a name for the article, however:  “Junky %^&$, Don't Buy This Machine!” but that would probably upset my local dealer.  I'll have to reflect on that a bit before putting the proverbial pen to paper.

In the meantime enjoy the new free pattern.  Next week I will be showing you how to attach the embroidered pieces to the velvet.

How to make and attach embroidered patches to velvet

Until next time!  As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and questions including photos in the comments section below.

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Thank you for this! I think I’ll go up one of two sizes and then “pad it out” with something really fluffy for extra warmth.


Hahaha a, embroidering away until the wee hours of the morning is highly overrated, o tell you. I just bought one of the coveted Machines you mentioned and believe me, compared to my 25 year old one it’s a primadonnaaaaaaa! And then you get that idea at oh dark hundred, wake up said primadonna and she tells you she’ll be working on said embroidery for at least 138 minutes. IF she agrees with your choice of thread, fabric and stabilizer combo, needle gauge and over all is in the mood. ???? Thank the lord for applicable patches! Looks amazing and I’ll love to make one these days.


Thanks! The hoodie looks super comfy.


I know exactly what you are saying about the embroidery machine. I felt that about 10 years ago and purchased a machine off ebay. Had a 4×4 hoop. Never worked right (sigh) so got a little better machine (used). Eventually found a wonderful program, learned how to digitize and the rest is history. 🙂 Love, love, love the hoddie. It is beautiful. Going to make this for sure.

Charlene Cairn
Charlene Cairn

I see a double point needle as an option in the requirements list. What is one? I always use stretch or jersey needles for stretch fabrics but I haven’t come across anything called a double point needle.

Lyn Evans
Lyn Evans

This is beautiful! Thank you for the pattern. Can’t wait to make it!


$280.00?!?!?! For 54 inches of fabric? I would have said, “What idiot priced this incorrectly?” Breathe in, breathe out.

The hoodie is an absolutely beautiful creation. You are so smart to use the embroidered patches! (I would have done it all by hand, and presented the finished item in 2025)

I can’t wait to get started! And using the panda patches I bought last year. Perfect gift for my daughter!!


I recently made a Lined jacket with pants with stretch velvet and didn’t use a walking foot at all. I’ve read that you can use spray glue, but quite frankly I’m to scared I’ll spoil the fabric.

Trish Weems
Trish Weems

You could have hand-embroidered the fabric after cutting the sleeves and other pieces of the fabric and hand-sewn the flowers like our grandmothers did. I have inherited more embroidered pillow cases of flowers with french knot centers than I can ever use. But, the history of how people used to sew by hand is there.


Love the red and gray. Already have 2 black hoodies. But the embroidery is beautiful on the black

Patricia O
Patricia O

Is the tulle/lace stretchable? The pictures look very attractive but I haven’t even downloaded the pattern yet.