Eva Knit Dress – Free pattern

I found this great site for free patterns – Your Style Rocks.  There are only a few patterns but they are awesome!  I was immediately drawn to the Eva dress.  Their photo on the dress form looks so slimming and sophisticated that I had to make it.  Except mine didn't come out quite like that.

It is described as a classy and elegant dress with a beautiful cowl neck.  I chose to make it in a plain black, although with the design across the front being in different pieces, I think this would look great as a color blocked dress.

So Sew Easy - Eva Knit dress - free pattern

I used a light-weight slinky knit from my local store and I think this is mostly where I went wrong with this pattern.  My fabric is simply too light and thin to have the smooth draping called for to make this look really good.

The dress was quick and easy to put together.  The pattern is very well drafted and fits together perfectly.  Instructions and clear and easy to follow and the dress fitted me just great without the need for any large alterations.

There is a tuck in the back, which is in two pieces, top and skirt, and the tuck is in both parts.  It pulls in the waist a little to make the dress more fitted.  I'm actually not too sure about this feature.  It might be better omitting this and have the black plain, and cutting it smaller in the waist instead.


When it was finished, it fit quite well, and there was enough ease to allow me to pull the dress on and off, but not too much.  I have worn it a couple of times and I thought it looked good, although my colleagues weren't so sure.

Now I've seen these photos – I agree with them.  It just does NOT suit me.  I look too ‘butch'.  Is it the wide slashed neckline and the little sticky-out sleeves?  I look like a tiny head on some huge shoulders.  And the shape is all wrong, or the length?  The diagonal lines on the front? Or maybe it's the silly way I am holding my arms in these photos.

I'm just not sure why it looks so bad, I can't quite put my finger on it.  But this dress makes me look all frumpy and dumpy and just Big.  I'm pretty sure its the wide neck and the sleeves are wrong for me.  It's in the back of my wardrobe now and I won't wear it again unless I can change it somehow.


 Anyone have any suggestions on what changes I need to make to this dress to make it more flattering?  Or should I just scrap it and move on to something else?

Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy

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Hello! You look great! Color blocking would look wicked!

Are you able to share the download of the pattern please? I can’t find it anywhere.


I printed this pattern a few years ago and just brought it out to make it but I didn’t print or save the directions to sew it. The link to the Eva dress pattern takes me to Craftsy and they don’t have this, perhaps they used to?? I can’t find it anywhere. Is there any way I could get the directions to sew this dress?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Mary

Hi Mary, yes the post is from 2013, lots have changed since then, the pattern is no longer available but it is not hard to make, so I will be making the pattern available as soon as I can.

Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

Hi, did you manage to remake the pattern? Just discovered this one and it looks fantastic! Thanks