Fabric Belt Tutorial – Making Use Of Your Scraps

fabric belt

This Fabric Belt is a perfect project for using your scrap since you will only need a couple of strips of fabric.  This fabric belt tutorial applies to any size buckle.  The key is to know how much fabric to cut to be able to fit into the buckle.

Belts, of course, are an essential piece of anyone's wardrobe. Making one using spare fabric not only saves expense but allows you to create a design that fits any outfit or style.


  • A strip of fabric 9 inches longer than your waist and 4 times as wide as your buckle
  • One rectangle that is 7″ X 5″ in diameter
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Thread to match
  • A buckle 1 1/2″ wide
  • 6 grommets


Buckles Suggestions from Amazon.com:

How To Sew Your Fabric Belt

Note: There are kits specialized on belt making, however, I am trying to show you how to make a belt at home with minimal cost and using what you already have at home.

Step One: Cutting The Fabric Belt


Measure your waist + 3 inches for seam allowance to attach the buckle and make the end of the belt plus 6 inches to add extra length.


The fabric should be cut depending upon the width of your buckle.  I am using a 1 1/2″ wide buckle.  Add a 5/8″ seam allowance to all sides.


The grainline will run parallel to the selvage. This will make your belt last longer and when worn tight to the body will not fold.


Regardless of the width, you choose to make the belt the rule is that the wider the belt the stronger their interfacing to avoid the belt folding when sitting down.


Cut two rectangles 3 1/4″ X 2″. Apply fusible interfacing.

Step Two: Applying Fusible Interfacing

Apply fusible interfacing avoiding the seam allowance, this will reduce the bulk and it will be easier for your machine to stitch the fabric belt plus it will make the belt look smooth.

fabric belt

Step Three: Designing Your Belt

In here I will let your imagination run, you can

1. Make a plain belt to match a skirt or pants you already have.

2. Make an Accessory that will stand out and make your outfit smarter and attractive

3. Make an accessory that will complement your handbag.

I am going for number 2 and 3, I am in a process of sharing with you a belted pouch, the belt can be used on its own and the pouch can turn into a hand clutch/ wristlet.

This is what I have done, I have sewn two strips of fabric from the fabric of the pouch I will be making, you can embroider, patchwork or free motion quilt a detail of your own.

fabric belt

I love to wear unique pieces of accessories.  I encourage you to find your own twist and make your unique belt.   Please load the picture on your Instagram account with the hashtag soseweasy (#soseweasy).

Step Four: Sewing Your Belt

Place the right sides together using the side of a place or a rounded ruler trace a curve at one end of the belt. Sew the belt at 5/8″ sewing three sides of the strip.

Reduce the seam allowance by cutting half off and trimming the rounded edge.

fabric belt

Turn the belt using a loop turner, a pencil or a hose if you have one or anything long to such as a knitting needle.

Iron the belt, with a lot of steam to set the seams flat.

If you have decided not to add anything to your belt and are using plain fabric or a print, topstitch the edges at no more than 1/8″ from the edge.

fabric belt

Step Five: Making The Loops

We will need two loops for the belt. Cut two rectangles of fabric 3 3/4″ X 2″.  Fold in the middle to create a crease and fold each side to the center.

fabric belt

Sew very close to the edge.  Close the loops with a 3/8″ seam allowance and turn the look so that the seam allowance is inside.  Repeat the procedure to make the other loop.

Step Six: Adding The Buckle

We are going to be working on the open side of the belt.

Insert the two loop into the belt.

fabric belt

At 2 1/2″ from the end of the belt make a mark where you will be inserting the first grommet.  This is where the pin of the buckle will go in.

fabric belt

fabric belt

If you need help learning how to place a grommet here is a tutorial to help you cover the topic.

fabric belt

Insert the pin onto the grommet, then;

a. pass the belt and turn the raw edge of the belt under 3/8″

b. the closest loop next to the buckle.

fabric belt

and using a thread and needle sew using a running stitch. Pass the needle a couple of times to secure the end of the belt.

fabric belt

Step Seven: Adding The Grommets

Measure your waist and mark the belt where you want the belt to sit comfortably.  Using a ruler mark a couple of inches in front and behind the mark you just made. This will allow you to use the belt in case you lose or gain weight.  For more information on Sewing with Grommets, please check out the tutorial below:

fabric belt

Until next time when I will be showing how to add a pouch to this belt large enough to fit iPhone one plus.  In the meantime, if you need a good-looking pouch on the go – check out our running belt with a pouch.

Happy Sewing!

fabric belt

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Jean Tanner

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Joan C Johnson

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