What fabrics do you want to know more about?

Which fabric is which? What fabric would you want to see in your perfect swatch kit?

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the supplier and is no longer available.  We are trying to find another supplier and will let you all know.

I've just heard from Fabric Mart that the Knit Fabrics Swatch Kit has almost sold out again, down to single digits. By the time this goes live, it may well be out of stock again. I'm glad so many of you are taking advantage of this great offer and learning more about the different types of knit fabrics.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out the earlier article and video about the Knit Fabric Swatch Kit.

Stretch fabric swatch kit - at last I can see and feel what all these knit fabrics are like so I know which one to choose for my project. Great idea.

So what would you like to know more about next?

Fabric Mart have offered to put together another kit to help you out with your online fabric buying, so you can get some samples of fabrics, feel the weight, the thickness, the drape etc and help you determine which fabrics will be just right for which project and pattern.

If you could make up your ideal swatch kit of all the fabrics you've heard of but aren't quite sure what they are, how they feel, when to use them, then what would be included in YOUR ideal swatch kit?

To give you some prompters, here are some of the fabric category headings from their website (excluding the knits because we already have a kit for those.)

Pick the fabrics you would like to get a sample of and learn more about. You can also add your own comments below too.


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7 Responses to What fabrics do you want to know more about?

  1. Peggy Harper says:

    Neoprene please

  2. Elisa says:

    I will learn anything you want to teach us about! I love this site and am so glad I ran across it!

  3. annie says:

    another fabric I’d like to work with is rayon. what is the best fabric to as a very light weight that will not make me sweat and stick to me. so a camisole is a pattern along with recommended fabric.

  4. Sue Caldwell says:

    I just ordered some unbleached muslin for making dolls. I really hope I didn’t end up ordering something more like cheesecloth!

  5. Ann Eckert says:

    I also would love some denim swatches, there are so many different weights. I would like maybe three weights and the uses for each. Thank you so much, I have sewn for many years but it has mostly be knits and denims or twill.

  6. Kimberly Preis says:

    I would love fabric swatch of denim. I am realizing not all denim is created equal!

  7. Yes, I like the Patterm from Glenda you made, that’s what I was looking for a long/short strap And I can design the inside to my needs. Thank you.

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