Fab Felt Holiday projects – Felt Christmas Trees

Easy to make felt Christmas Trees.

Do you remember the review I did of the Fab Felt Holiday Crafts class on Craftsy?  It really does have a whole lot of fun ideas and projects for the festive season and although time is tight for festive sewing, I'm determined to get a couple under my belt this year.

Here are the projects covered in the class:

  • Felt tree ornaments – 4 different types of origami inspired ornaments
  • Penguin or Santa wine sleeve
  • Poinsettia brooch or gift topper
  • Felt gingerbread houses
  • Mini Christmas trees
  • Multi-colored festive garland
  • Felted wool slippers

Great ideas for fab felt holiday crafts - and big discount off the class

I've been inspired by one of the projects and plan to work on something later this week.  No idea if it will work out but I'll share it even if it doesn't.  Nothing more fun than a felty-failure.

But here are a few things that weren't a failure – they were a great success.  Here are my Felt Christmas Trees!

Felty Fir Trees

Easy to make felt Christmas Trees.

These are made with a stuffed cone and fringed felt is sewn around in a spiral.  I added on a few embellishments with some sparkly baubles, some big snowballs and a gold star ornament, all from the dollar store.

These were a fun project to sew and I did them while sitting watching TV at the same time because they didn't need to be done that carefully.

Easy to make felt Christmas Trees.

One word of advice – our lovely presenter did say not to over-stuff them, but well, I'm never one to follow advice, so I did over-stuff them and of course I made the bases a bit too round so they don't sit as upright as they should.  Total user error!  But I actually like that they are a bit wonky, looks kinda quirky.

Next I'm going to work on the felt ornaments for my tree and the mystery project – hope it turns out well.

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I love them!

Petro Neagu

They are so adorable Deby and don’t seem so complicated to make. Congrats for another fabulous project!