How to find your way around So Sew Easy

Tips for how to find what you are looking for and navgate your way easily around the So Sew Easy siteWelcome to all the new readers we've had visit us so far this year. It's great to hear that so many of you got your first sewing machine for Christmas and are just itching to start creating and sewing things you can be proud of.

There is so much content here already and so much more planned and I don't want you to miss a thing so here are all the ways you can find your way around, search for patterns and tutorials and find great content you missed.

Use the menu bar

The menu bar is a great place to start when navigating round the site and you'll find the major pages here as the start point for your sewing journey. Click Home at any time to return to the front page.


Free Patterns page

Whether you are looking for clothing, bags, accessories, home decor, mini quilts, or seasonal items, you'll find a big selection already on the site to choose from.  At the top you'll find clothing and similar items in the first section and then lower down, bags, accessories and other items to sew. These are always sorted in date order so the newest projects will be at the top, but keep on scrolling because there's lots of great stuff from earlier years too.



Sewing tips and tutorials page

Need to know how to sew a blind hem, or how to insert an invisible zipper? There are lots of tips to make your sewing easier and help you to master new sewing skills on the tutorials page.  Again sorted in date order with the most recent additions at the top.  You'll find tips about the best tools for the job and discussion on a wide variety of subjects.  All are clickable links to take you over to the relevant articles.


Sewing videos – video page and YouTube

If you are more of a visual learner, you are in the right place because So Sew Easy has dozens of video tutorials to help explain things in more details.  You will find these in 3 places:

The video tutorials page just shows videos and updates automatically when new content is added.  The current video plays at the top so click on any of the thumbnails to play the chosen video in the current page. You can view them all without leaving the one page.


Patterns for sale

On top of all the free patterns, there is also a range of premium patterns that you can buy for simple but stylish clothes and bags, all sewn the So Sew Easy way to make them as simple as possible for you to achieve great results..  These come out about once a month and you can find all of the patterns issues to date on the Pattern Store page.


Patterns are sold via Craftsy so you can also go directly to a listing of all of the patterns, both free and paid, on the Craftsy store too.  More than 110 to choose from now and growing all the time.  Your patterns are all saved in your account online so you can download them on any computer or device when you are ready to sew.


If all else fails and you just can't find what you are looking for, try the search function.  Maybe you've seen something here before and can't remember where.  Type in one of two key words – such as “Christmas”, or “skirt pattern” and the site searches for content that matches those words.

You can find the search box in the top right of the sidebar here.


Related content

Under each of the articles is a ‘related content' section.  In here you'll find a random selection of another 8 articles that you might be interested in.  Sometimes if there are a series of articles on a subject, you'll find a particular topic featured here, but it's mostly just a selection from both older and new content.

Click on any of those that interest you to continue browsing around.


And do you see the ‘sharing‘ buttons just above those articles?  There are buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and by email.  If you read an article or find a pattern you like it would make my day if you chose to share that with someone else.  Click on the icon and you can share the article with your sewing friends, or PIN it on your boards for later.  Thank you for supporting the site and spreading the sewing message with your sharing – it'd very much appreciated.

So that's just a brief introduction to finding your way around and finding the sewing content that interests you. Browse about, enjoy your sewing and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments.  Leave your email address when commenting and you'll get an email to let you know if there is a reply.

If You'd Like To Support Our Site

If you want to help us continue to bring you a wide selection of free sewing patterns and projects, please consider buying us a coffee.  We'd really, really appreciate it.
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It is unbelievable how you’ve grown your site in such a short period. Congratulations!

Sheila Perl
Sheila Perl

Thank you for sharing! I can’t believe I’ve missed some areas of your site!! 😛