It’s my First Blogging Birthday

My first blogging birthday. A look back at the first year at So Sew Easy.Looking back at So Sew Easy, I posted my first blog post 1 year ago today – 28 Nov 2012.  So today is my first blogging birthday.  In fact, I started out with a site on Blogger, then remembered what had happened to my first Blogger account when Google decided to randomly delete it, and I set up with WordPress.

Want to be reminded of how bad my sewing and photography was 1 year ago?  Here is my first ever sewing project and my first blog photo – not exactly rocking it !  Although my sewing has improved – I still need to work on the photos!


Looking back, I can't believe how much I have learned over the last year, and how much I found the time to sew, although that did trail off a little towards the end of the year.  Here is my gallery of completed projects so far.  Not everything I sewed made it onto the site!

My completed projects

And what I find the most staggering is how many other people have been interested.  I thought my site would live forever in blogging obscurity, but right from the start, people were so kind with their comments, encouragement and suggestions and started to follow along.  I'm pretty sure some at the start must have wondered what on earth I was doing and decided to follow along for a laugh at my terrible efforts!

Last Year's Stats

In the last 12 months, I have gone from zero to:

And had a total of 1.1 million page views on this site!  Wow!

I also started a second site at Moms Make Money where I passed on all the things I was learning about blogging to other new and small bloggers.  And then Blogger to WordPress – I now set up sites for other people and help women across the world start their own blogs.  Sometimes these other projects have taken away from my sewing time, so I hope to concentrate more on the sewing over the coming months.

Most popular posts

These have been the posts that have had the most page views in the last year.  Do check them out in case there is a gem there that you missed.

My free patterns

I designed and published several free sewing patterns in the year, and these were generally the most popular posts month on month.

Seasonal Sewing Series

The recent Seasonal Sewing Series just blew me away and was a wonderful way to close off my first blogging year, by featuring just a few of the other fabulous bloggers I met over the last 12 months.  Here's a quick reminder of the projects they shared.

Sew this cute Christmas Tree garland to hang on your mantle, or even on the tree itself. Great use for scraps, and the kids could help make this. Easy Christmas Stocking template and tuorial for a traditional stocking shape. East to personalise too. Make a holiday mug rug, beginners easy quilting project.
Make this incredible light up dress for your little princess. At So Sew Easy. Instructions and pattern for sewing this cute snowman applique - and one for a thanksgiving turkey too! Make these cute fabric scraps ornaments. Seasonal Sewing Series at So Sew Easy.
Easy sew Hexagon Christmas Tree skirt tutorial. Great for festive fabric scraps too. At So Sew Easy. Sew this Santa Toe Bag tutorial and pattern. Look the perfect hostess on Christmas Day with this free full Christmas apron pattern.
Scrappy potholders tutorial. These use scraps of Christmas fabric, but you could use any small pieces for these pretty but practical potholders. Sew these fabric gift bags - eath-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, and cute too! Sew this Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - complete with little ornaments to add for each of the days!
Sew this Joy Christmas pillow at So Sew Easy. 5 minute easy sew gift card holder. Personalise a gift card for any occasion. Make this cute felt gingerbread house with removable felt candy shapes.

The Grand Prize Draw is still open – Win a Juki Serger or a PGM Dress form.  Click here

Daily giveaways throughout November and a Grand Prize Draw to win a PGM dress form and a Juki Serger! Running at So Sew Easy during Nov 2013.


Helping others

We all also helped to fund a loan to a lady in Tajikistan for her to buy a sewing machine and materials to set up her own sewing business.  When I saw that last loan funding amount click over and see her loan fully funded I felt so happy with what we had all achieved as a team.  Thank you for your support.

So Sew Easy readers helped fund a loan for a sewing machine

So Sew Easy readers helped fund a loan for a sewing machine

And lastly…

It's been an amazing year, and in true Oscars style, there are a few people I want to thank.

  • My husband, Nigel.  Who supported me every step of the way.  Always waited patiently while I shopped for fabric, and when I asked which of these two should I get – he always said to get both! You are a star.
  • Martinne – it was Martinne who lent me her sewing machine and got me started down this path.  I kept trying to give it back, but she told me to just keep it a while longer, she didn't need it yet.  I would never have done this without you – thank you Martinne.
  • And lastly.  YOU.  Yes you personally and individually and you all as a group.  It's not me that makes the site successful, it's all of you who are always so keen to make comments, and kindly share my posts on your social media with Pins and Facebook shares.  You have helped this site to grow. You've helped me to grow. And in return I hope you have enjoyed the content I've shared and made up some of the free patterns I designed, and some of the giveaways and discounts I have arranged for you all.  You are all the shining stars of the sewing show today.

Thank you all for making it an awesome year.  I'm so excited about the future and hope to bring you lots of new sewing patterns, tutorials and interesting content over the next 12 months.
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Shannah @ Just Us Four

Looks like you have had a great year. Thanks so much for linking up at the PInworthy Projects party.


Congratulations!! It is really nice to see your progress through the blog…I am a fan of your projects/blogs and always they look like from a pro


Congratulations! It’s fun to see how far you’ve come, isn’t it?

Linda Nortje

Congratulations on your 1st Blogging birthday, Deby !


Congrats on your blog success. I love all your sewing projects – hard to believe you are new to sewing. You give me inspiration to have a successful blog – one day. I follow both your blogs.

Mimi O

Congratulations on your 1st Blogaversary!!! Wishing you many more ;-D

Jordan Hansen

Happy birthday! It’s amazing to see everything you have accomplished in just a year.


Congrats Deby,more blogging years to come.

Irene Valle

Thanks Deby <3

Irene Valle

Congrats Deby, you’re a great woman!
It’s truly inspiring to see your huge results in so little time… you rocks, go on like this!
MammaNene @


Deby … Wow!! All this in only a year? Truly amazing, to say the least. I am not a blogger and I am very choosy about the ones I follow. I am employed full time and do not have very much free time, but you are my favorite and I will make the time to read your newletters, religously. I will say that I did not know about your Moms Make Money site until I read it here, but I will certainly check it out now. As I read your past years accomplishments, I actually teared up to see that you have done so much for others and I am extremely proud to have found you for myself. Enjoy your birthday and celebrate! You deserve it 🙂

Irene V. (MammaNene)

hehehe… so it’s not only me 🙂
I hate to mend and change zippers, re-hem and sew on buttons… your husband is not alone 🙂


Deby, I am amazed at what you have accomplished on this blog in just one year! Congrats and I hope to see you blogging for many years to come.


Congratulations Deby! You have been such an inspiration for me and so entertaining too! Keep up the good work and by all means, take a break and enjoy the holidays with Nigel. 🙂 Looking forward to what the new year brings!


Congratulations! And thank you for all the wonderful tutorials you shared with your readers during this year. I love reading your blog!


All I can say is FABULOUS!!! You are an inspiration!

Kristina & Millie
Kristina & Millie

Happy Birthday!! You site is always full of inspiration and fun ideas 🙂


Wow, great job! Those are some amazing stats for sure. Happy Blogging Birthday! 🙂


Those are some amazing stats! Congratulations on such a great blog and Happy Birthday!!!


Congratulations! I truly appreciate your giving spirit. The leggings formula is the best!


Congratulations, and thank YOU for sharing all this knowledge with the rest of us!


You ought to be very proud’!

Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

Happy first blogging birthday! I am always truly amazed at what you have accomplished over the last year! I found your Moms Make Money site last April, and I couldn’t believe you had only just started that site and your sewing site. Great job!

Red Point Tailor

It is unbelievable it is oly first year! Great achivements!
I wish you all the best for the coming years! 🙂


Congrats Deby! You are a blogging star and a great inspiration. Your Moms Make Money site is of a great help for the whole blogging community. I’m so happy for you!