Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern – All Year Elegant Dressing

Flounce wrap skirt pattern
Flounce wrap skirt pattern

This flounce wrap skirt pattern is all you need to make a couple of stylish, easy-to-make, easy-to-wear skirts – suitable for many occasions.  I think this is the perfect skirt to take you all the way from Spring to Autumn.  Casual dressing with some sandals and a tank top, or elegant with a blouse and high heels, the choice is yours.

The flounce adds a little drama and femininity to the skirt.  But also is the perfect way to hide a tummy, making this skirt the best style to wear should you be the proud owner of a belly; either because you just became pregnant, already given birth, or like me just don't have a flat stomach.

The hem will hit mid-calf for petite women and slightly below the knee for tall ones.

Back View

The grommets on the waistband make it an unconventional way of tying the skirt, but I like to come up with different ways of doing things.


  • Three to 3 1/2 yards of twill cotton, linen, raw silk, taffeta, jeans fabric, suitable for single knits with 10 to 20% stretch
  • Bias tape, enough to go around the hem this is optional
  • Thread to match
  • Three grommets


Skill Level: Intermediate

This is for someone who has previously done a skirt before, has knowledge of waistband, hem and is able to attach grommets.

Size 10 sn tested as seen on the mannequin.  Any other size, make a muslin before using fashion fabric.

You should be able to understand grainline, bias cut, and basic fitting techniques, as well as the know-how to sew a tie waistband.

Fabric Recommendations from Fabric.com

Here are some recommendations of suitable materials you can source from Fabric.com.

Pattern Download

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Pattern LayoutFlounced Wrap Skirt Pattern

How To Print Your Flounced Wrap Skirt Pattern

Use Adobe Reader to download the pattern.  You will not be required to have another application to download and print.  Print using Landscape and Actual Size do not scale the pattern at all.


This wrap skirt pattern is designed from Size 8 to 18 and can accommodate hips from 36″ to 47″ inches and waist from 26″ to 42″.

Adjusting Your Wrap Skirt Pattern To Your Body

One thing to note is that this skirt is a little difficult to adjust.  However, if you need it done it is not impossible.  The first thing you need to understand is that if you are taking or subtracting from the skirt pattern you also need to add or subtract from the flounce so it matches the skirt pattern.  This includes adding the width and shortening or lengthening the skirt.  As long as you remember this point you will have a perfect fitting skirt.

This topic will require a separate tutorial.  leave a comment if you would like me to show you how to alter this pattern.

How To Cut Your Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern

To avoid making a mistake, the best thing you can do is to retrace the pieces that are on fold and those that say “cut two”.  That is the back of the skirt, and the front and the back flounce.  Lay the fabric open, and lay all the pieces on top.  This is the way the factories cut the fabrics by the way.

Pay special attention to the grainlines, the fold marks become the grain line.

Below is a diagram of the cutting layout if you are using a single knit.  Notice I am using the stretch of the fabric in the horizontal line.  The opposite will apply if  I am using a woven fabric.

Flounced Wrap Skirt Pattern

How To Sew Your Flounced Skirt

We will start by sewing the fronts to the back.  The turn under seam finish would be the perfect seam to sew this skirt.  You can, of course, use an overlocker if you have one.

If you choose to use the turn under seam here is a very easy to follow tutorial on how to make this seam.

The Turned Under Seam Finish

Your flounced wrap skirt pattern consists of the center parts and the right and left flounce, so you need to sew this in the right order.

Sewing The Skirt

You will notice in this flounce wrap skirt pattern that I have two darts at the back of my skirt but not on the front.  Once you have sewn the skirt back and front together try the skirt on and see how you like the drape of the skirt on you.  If you are an hourglass figure chances are you will need to make two darts at the front as well.  If you are pregnant or have an apple figure continue sewing as I have done in the tutorial.

Sew the darts in the back, and front of the skirt.  If you require assistance on this, we have an excellent tutorial on how to sew darts.

How to Sew Darts – How to Sew A Skirt Series

Lay the back of the skirt print side up.

Place one of the sides, aligning it with the edge.

Lay the other side of the front print side down, pin and sew at 5/8″ on both sides.

Sewing The Flounce

The flounce is divided into four parts, there are two backs, one right side, and one left side.

The right flounce and left flounce are different in shape.  The right flounce is longer than the left.  This is to avoid making the left one bulk under the right.

You will have two backs like the ones below.

Print sides together sew the two backs at 5/8″.Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern

Place the flounce print side up and pin the right flounce.Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern

Pin the left side.  Sew at 5/8′.

Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern

Pin the flounce to the skirt and sew at 3/8″.  You can use an overlocker or zigzag as I have, then sew the seam allowance down.

Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern

Sewing The Hem And Adding The Waist Tie

I have chosen to add bias tape to the hem for extra drama, however, you can do a normal 1/4″ hem if you prefer.

To make the waistband, cut a strip of fabric that is   80″X 3  3/8″  “, this measurement is good for sizes 10 and 12 but should be increased for size 14, 16, 18 by at least 2”.

Fold the band wrong sides together and iron. Sew the band at 3/8″ and apply the grommets on the right side of the waistband leaving 1″ in between grommets.

Don't know how to apply grommets? Here is a tutorial with step by step instructions.

Sewing With Grommets & Eyelets: Tips, Tricks & Projects

Now, I picture myself on board a yacht sipping a glass of champagne while looking towards the coasts of Italy.  One can always dream…

If you would like to have this skirt in a larger size then please comment the desired size below, if there is enough interest I will be happy to make a larger flounce wrap skirt pattern.

What do you think of the waistband? What would you do differently? Let me know in the comments below, until then Happy sewing!


Need a non-flounce wrap skirt pattern?  Try this one: https://so-sew-easy.com/half-circle-wrap-skirt-pattern/

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10 Responses to Flounce Wrap Skirt Pattern – All Year Elegant Dressing

  1. Eleanor Gibson says:

    Why no Pay Pal for coffee?

  2. Brenda says:

    I totally appreciate the efforts the designer put to design this skirt. So beautiful it is.

  3. Lisa Gaston says:

    I am curious how much the two fronts over lap as I don’t want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction! from the pattern picture, it looks like it is only a few inches? Or is it more one the flounce is on? Lisa

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      It will cover your knickers but you will show a bit of leg, the flounce is part of the wrap. but you can eliminate that and extend the side instead.

  4. whitehorse says:

    Hello, very nice skirt, I like this type of skirts – they are so feminine. I have question – I measured back flounce and back part of skirt and there are differences about 5,5cm. Similarly for front size on flounce 60cm, on front skirt piece 72cm – difefrences 12 (!) cm. Where I have mistake? I dont have FB so I cant add and find help in sewing group.
    Thank you and regards Zdenka

  5. Marie - Thérèse Potgieter says:

    It would be nice to have the skirt with flounce in A XXXL Size pattern. Thank you.

  6. Judy says:

    I love the skirt and downloaded the pattern. You do design cute things, but I am a beginner and have yet to try them yet……I hope I do try some of them out. Also I am older and not slim any more so
    I likely need a bigger size. However I have a daughter and 2
    Granddaughters. One of which has worn some easy things I’ve made from other sites or patterns. I love your blog though and look forward to your weekly email. Are you self taught or how did you learn? I have really liked many of your creations.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Judy, I learned to sew with my ants and watching my grandmothers both tailors, then I won a scholarship to study fashion design in the USA ( I was blessed with great teachers), I have taken classes in Australia, Singapore and Paris, but the best sewing tricks I have learned had been on the streets of Indonesia and Vietnam people saw on the sidewalks (to my delight) you can never stop learning.

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