What if you won free fabric for the rest of your life?

lifeSomething caught my eye in my social media news-feed a while back.  WIN FREE FABRIC FOR LIFE.  What!!! Where?  How?  Really?  I was all over that like ants on sugar.

Turns out that it's not totally unlimited free fabric for ever, but still, this is surely the best sewing giveaway I have ever seen, and so I just had to share it with you.  There are a number of prizes:

Untitled-1 copy

TOP PRIZE – free fabric for life – comprises 52 yards of fabric ever year for the next 20 years.  You receive a gift card each year for you to order 52 yards of fabric a year, equivalent to 1 yard a week, every week for the next 20 years.  Yup, that would keep me pretty happy.  (From Keepsake Quilting.)

FIRST PRIZE – Lyric Sewing Machine from Baby Lock valued at $2,199.  Yes please, that would be very nice too.

SECOND PRIZE –  GO! Big Block on Board Starter Pack from AccuQuilt valued at $1,044.90.  I don't know anything about these machines but it looks cool.

5 x THIRD PRIZE – each winner will receive a fabric bundle from one of these five sponsors: Moda, Clothworks, Quilting Treasures, Henry Glass, Studio e Fabrics. 

What would you do/make?

So imagine for a minute.  Every year for the next 20 years you can place an order for 52 yards of fabric of your choice.  What would you order?  What would you do with it?  Gift it to friends?  Sell it?  Use it all, every single scrap?  Take up a new hobby and maybe create awesome quilts of your dreams?  Use the fabric to make things to sell or give to charity?  Or just store it carefully and admire it every day – until you eventually had to move house because you had such a big fabric stash.  Probably a combination of all of the above.

Depending on how long you live and how fast you sew, winning 1,040 yards of fabric might just be fabric for an entire lifetime.

Here is your chance to win ‘fabric for life'

Head on over to Keepsake Quilting and enter their Fabric for Life Contest here.  Then tell me in the comments, if you won, if all your sewing dreams came true and you had all 1,040 yards of fabric – what would you do with it?  We can all dream…

Terms and conditions
Drawing is open until 31st December 2015.  Sadly it's US residents only.  Darn it.


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Ruth Sunday

I have a substantial stash…but free fabric for life? Is that what I saw? Well, once in my life I started a charity quilt group.Work took up bunches of time and house space (I was self-employed.) so I had to drop out and leave it to others. Now that I’m retired, I can do it again. It would be great to have the where-with-all to make multiple charity quilts on a regular basis.

Betty Parks
Betty Parks

I would love to make some heirloom quilts for my grown children and their
growing ones!


Not sure where I would start but it would be fun planning all the projects.

s & family
s & family

Projects for family and friends. teach my daughters to sew. Donate projects to charity.