Free Pattern Weekend: Let’s try this one final time!

free pattern weekendWe had a huge response to our free paid pattern weekend last weekend with the Easy Breezy Blouse.  While the pattern is back in our store at $4.00, some 4,500 members downloaded the project while it was free.  We're glad so many people were able to take advantage of this special offer.  In fact, the offer was so successful, that we're going to try another one this weekend.

My family and I are on the way back home from our summer vacation now.  I've almost finished the latest new project I'm working on for you all and I have a couple of great stories to write up when I get back including the detailed report from the Bernina factory in Switzerland as well as a visit to what I'm convinced is the finest fabric shop in the world.  I know, I know, that's a big assertion, but just wait until you read the story and see the pictures in the coming days as I get caught up on my writing.

As I mentioned in my post last week, it takes almost a full week of work to design, document, and test a new pattern.  Given the summer holiday, I've been away from my sewing room and just haven't yet finished the latest project.  Since I don't yet have it ready for you yet, we're going to make another of our very popular paid patterns free for just this weekend to make sure everyone has something great to work on.

free pattern weekend

Insulated Lunch Bag for Back to School

I'm sure that this insulated lunch bag will come in great handy when your kids are ready to back to school after the summer break.  The pattern sells normally for $4.00 and is for the intermediate sewist. The project is easy to follow and even comes with a full, 32 minute video tutorial which is available from the link in the pattern download to help guide you.

To download the pattern for free, please click here and follow the links to Craftsy:  Insulated Lunch Bag

Please enjoy.  I'm really looking forward to getting back into the regular rhythm next week.

Insulated lunch bag pattern – POTM

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Lesa Brahm
Lesa Brahm

Custom lunch bags for all my little nieces and nephews for Christmas! Thanks.


Thank you so much for the pattern!


Thanks for sharing!

Nicky Burke
Nicky Burke

Thanks so much for such a lovely pattern. As a newbie sewer, the instructions look very clear and easy to follow. I can’t wait to make some for my Grandchildren. Thanks once again!!


You ladies are so sweet to give us this pattern. Love your work. Hope your vacation was great.Thank you

Nemeton Kieran
Nemeton Kieran

I appreciate such generosity! Thank you very much! Everything in this site is amazing! 🙂