Awesome free pencil case patterns to sew

Free pencil case patterns. All sorts of zipper pouches and cases including some really interesting ideas

Enjoy these awesome free pencil case patterns!  Everyone is settling into the new routine.  Kids are back to school, Mom has more spare time for her own interests and crafters everywhere are starting to think about the upcoming holidays.  So time to get organised.

Here are a few of my favorite pencil case patterns.  Good for the kids pens, pencils and crayons at home or at school, good to keep all your pens where they should be instead of strewn around, and perhaps a nice stocking stuffer to sew too.  They don't need to just be for your pencils – these are one trendy, fancy bunch of pencil cases you can use to keep lots of things organised – enjoy!


Free pencil case patterns and tutorials

Click on each of the pictures to go to the original free pattern or tutorial.



If you are new to sewing bags and zipper cases, then you would probably love this FREE online sewing class, Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch.  Includes free patterns and video lessons on how to sew this great zipper pouch – that's one of the first classes I took when I started sewing and I used to sell these bags that I made.  Highly recommended.  Click here to find out more –>

Online Sewing Class

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LeAnne Osburne
LeAnne Osburne

Sewiing with Nancy has info on Tshirtquilts_try