15 Favourite Free Summer Dress Patterns


Favourite Free Summer Dress PatternsRemember the cute free dress patterns for little girls that I shared over here a few weeks ago? Well, I couldn't leave us grown up girls out of the fun of course! So below you'll find my favourite free summer dress patterns and tutorials for women.  Whether for the daytime or evening, for work or for play, you're sure to find some you'd love to sew here.

Most of them are available in multiple sizes, some only in one or two, so be sure to hop over to the original source, before you run out to the fabric shop.

Maybe where you live a long-sleeved wrap dress wouldn't count as a summer dress, but over here in the Netherlands I would definitely get a lot of use out of it, even during summer months… And besides, shortening basic sleeves isn't a very complicated change to make to a pattern, right? It would be very cute with really short sleeves as well!

Just like in my last round up, one of them is in Dutch only. The Flippy Dress is a free downloadable pattern – the download option is at the end of her blog post – with a tutorial in Dutch. However, it is illustrated and not very complicated, just know that is has a 3/8″ seam allowance included everywhere in the pattern and read through it all carefully before starting.

The 90 Minute Dress by Simple Simon and Company is a tutorial on how to draft this pattern, based on a well fitting shirt. A fun change to your usual downloadable pattern, plus it ensures that the dress fits well of course.

The Shirred Border Print Sundress, by Weekend Designer, doesn't have any pattern pieces either, it consists of rectangles only. It uses the same shirring technique that I applied for summer tops for my girls. Since it's basically a tube of fabric, shirred on top, with straps attached, you can easily scale this project up and down, depending on who you're sewing for.

So, this selection leaves you quite some choice for summer dresses to whip up last minute, before holidays or in an unexpected heat wave. Hope you'll enjoy a lovely summer in your handmade dresses!

So Sew Easy - huge list of free dress patterns with photos and links

Do you have any favourite free summer dress patterns that I missed? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!  For a HUGE list of free dress patterns, including these and lots more, drop over to the original Free Dress Patterns Listing here – and don't forget to pin!


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M. Sewwannabe
M. Sewwannabe

Pam dress is very nice, but not free…


Awesome post! It’s great to see all these dresses offered together in one place.


Thanks “sew” Deby!! Have a good day!