Funny sewing t-shirts

Hahaha some of these sewing and quilting t-shirts are hilarious.  Can't decide on my favorite.OK, so it's that time of year when we search the stores, online, and our souls for the perfect gifts for other people. People who sew are thoughtful and caring so I know you do your best to find or make everyone the perfect gift.

But who is taking care of you this holiday season? Do you have an awesome family or partner who finds you the perfect items you wanted? Or do you have to shop for yourself as well as everyone else.

I won't shame my husband publicly by listing off the random, useless, ill-conceived, tight and hopeless gifts he used to buy me. His typical holiday shopping consists of running to the local stores at 5pm on Christmas Eve in a panic when he realises Christmas Day is tomorrow and he still doesn't have me anything. The only thing open is the grocery store and the DIY store. Yup, I've had some BAD Christmas gifts in the early years of our marriage. We won't go into it for fear of bringing up the ugly past.

Yes dear, 5pm on Christmas Eve is not the best time to buy your wife a Christmas present.

Yes dear, 5pm on Christmas Eve is not the best time to buy your wife a Christmas present.

Good news – I now buy my own birthday and Christmas present, so I get whatever I want (within reason) and treat myself. This year we don't have much of a budget so there won't be any big present like my serger from last year (if you want a giggle here is me opening it on Christmas Day and looking like a real idiot). I have ordered a few nice ITY knits to make some new dresses next year and I desperately want a sewing t-shirt – I just can't decide which one yet.  I should really only get 1 but I have 3 on my wishlist!

Here are a whole bunch of sewing and quilting t-shirts you can choose from.  They do all of them in a range of colors, women's fit t-shirts or regular fit, and you can even get a hoodie or sweatshirt in these designs too.  So if you are in charge of buying your own present, treat yourself to one of these, then we can recognise a fellow sewing enthusiast on the street and say hi – could find you some new friends and sewing buddies!

Which ones are your favorites?  You can click on any of the pictures and it will take you over to the website I found them on.  Or right click and open in a new window to keep this original page open too.

The best quilting and sewing t-shirts

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  1. DeAnn Grommesh says:

    Do you have…Yes, I can sew. No, I won’t hem your pants?

  2. Janet P says:

    Is there a link to a website for these cute t-shirts?

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