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Readers survey

Sometimes in life, we can all be carrying along quite normally when out of the blue, comes something that makes us stop and think.  For me, it was a Win on Wednesday giveaway that I ran back in April.  In order to qualify for entry, readers have to leave a comment on the Facebook post, and rather than get a lot of random comments, it's fun to ask a question.

The question was:

“Just leave a comment below and let me know what sort of tutorials and patterns you would like to see on the site in the future. I'm keen to feature the kind of projects you are interested in.”

It was the range of answers to that question that really surprised me.  To quote just a few:

  • I would like to see some sewing ideas as teacher gifts. This school year starts in the last quarter and it is time to come up with ideas for the teacher appreciation.
  • Simple projects with fat quarters.
  • Please have more simple,fast to complete quilting projects–place mats, mug rugs, totes.
  • I just love the mug mats and would love to see more of them and table runners.
  • I like travel ideas, cases, bags etc.
  • I've recently become addicted to table runners and mug rugs, so more of them. Easy ones for beginners.
  • I “sew” enjoy your site. FAST projects with lots of impact for holidays…..for myself and gift giving!
  • Keeping things simple, fashionable, and stylish are what I look for in new patterns to try.
  • I love the smaller projects like bags and book covers, these placemats, etc. heck anything crafty.
  • Work out wear.
  • I would love to learn more about cutting out patterns. They're quite intimidating.
  • I love projects that could be given to secret sisters, friends birthdays and decorating items. Antiques are my passion, so any pattern made like “in the old days” would be great. Like a cute clothes pins hanger.
  • Cute quilted coffee cup sleeves, quick easy projects using fat quarters or small amount of scraps, tunic tops
  • Something practical for gifts – smaller things that don't break the bank but are useful. Maybe gift bags too?
  • I would like to see more “done in a day” projects!
  • I like patterns that don't have too many pieces~ dresses, totes and other crafty ideas!
  • Mug rugs, place mats, napkins, table runners, basically items that are quick and easy to make that also make great gifts
  • I like quick and easy patterns as well as some that use fat eighths, fat quarters as well as pre-cuts and yardage.

So Sew Easy started out being all about sewing clothes for me.  Then, fed up with the fit on commercial patterns, I started designing some of my own patterns and sharing them, started a few tutorials here and there and eventually moved onto some more complicated clothing and bag patterns in my paid-for pattern library.  Just recently, I've moved into other smaller fabric projects like the Spring Mug Rugs, little bags, sewing for the kitchen etc as I realise there is so much more we can do with fabric than just sew clothes. I'm keen to explore all of the possibilities.

Teeny tiny zipper pouch, coin purse or add to your key ring. Woven fabric pillow made from weaving strips of folded fabric. Great scrap buster and so pretty too! Make a wipe clean dry erase coloring placemat for toddlers using Iron on Vinyl.

So now I thought it would be interesting to hold a proper survey, with questions to find out from you all exactly what you have liked in the past and would like to see in the future.  The site is only as good as its content, and unless the content is what the readers are interested in, well, then I won't have any readers and no reason to add any content!

So please take a moment out of your busy day and away from your oh so precious sewing time, to answer a few simple questions about what you want to see here in the future.

Readers Survey


The survey closes 22nd June and I'll come back with the results shortly afterwards. I'm really interested to see what you all have to say.  I can't promise I'll be able to make everyone happy and feature everything you are all looking for, but I'll do what I can.

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Franni V
Franni V

Sorry I’m a bit late with this, but I love the variety of your blog, & look forward to your posts, so I too would say carry on being yourself! Thank you , too, for the opportunity you gave us to support Khosiyat in Tajikistan through KIVA to buy a sewing machine for her daughter – just seen the great news that she has repaid the loan early!


I agree that you should continue to be yourself. There are plenty of sites for mug rugs, household items, etc. but finding a site that has easy to understand tutes for wearable (knit!!) clothes that don’t look homemade? Not so much. I love your site and check it almost every day. I’ve made several things from your free patterns and while they haven’t all come out perfect, every single mistake has been a lesson learned! Now if I could just find more time in the day for sewing lol!

Kathleen Vondra
Kathleen Vondra

I just love to sew; anything!! But I would enjoy you sharing some of your tips, tricks and techniques to make sewing easier, faster and more professional looking rather than homemade.
Thanks for all the patterns you’ve have shared.


I am interested in how to take measurements and make patterns or adjust patterns to fit better.


I think there are enough sites with quilts,bags, mug rugs and small crafts (all which I love). Your site is different, I begun quilting primarily because I no longer could fit quick, easy patterns due to weight gain and age. I always loved quilting and made my first quilt before these changes. I would love for you to continue helping us sew wearable clothes, include plus sizes and pattern making/alterations
skills.There is enough out there that you don’t have to try to do or please everyone. If you need a plus size pattern tester I am willing.


I’m a relatively new sewer so I really look for patterns that show how to do difficult things step-by-step. I also agree with the earlier comment about some plus-size patterns.


I would say just to continue just a little of everything. That way there’s something for everyone. I might not be interested in one post but might be the next time.


If someone could teach me how to put together a .pdf pattern that I print off myself, that would be great. I would love to attempt to sew indy clothing but can’t figure out the sel-printed patterns.


I would like help in making a t shirt pattern that fits me better . I have all my measurements just find it hard to make pattern as not found a easy to follow tutorial yet. Also now the summer is hear I want to make sun hats for my for grandchildren if you can help?


Love your site Deby, who would not with that beautiful view from your sewing room. I love the clothing you have featured. I am a big girl, plus sized sounds like a panty liner, anyhoo, I like the knits and styles you feature, great for summer wear here in Montana, but need sleaves for winter. So I like that you have done a cowl neck pattern with sleves . Thank you for your site, keep ou the clothing line…

Betty McClure
Betty McClure

I would love to see patterns for short-sleeve dresses that might be attractive on plus-sized women. Also, patterns for making useful but inexpensive gifts would be nice. I like your site – thank you for sharing all your great ideas!

Gloria Duerr
Gloria Duerr

First of all, thanks so much for all that you already put out there!! LOVE IT! NOW, sure wish that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was sized for plus sizes as well and “regular” sizes! I truly like to decide what will look best on me without the restriction of sizing of the patterns available! THANKS SO MUCH!


I am interested in learning more about taking your measurements & transferring to flat patterns & how to adjust patterns to fit.