80+ Glasses Case Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

glasses case sewing patternsDon't you hate it when your glasses get scratched?

Well, I know I do.  I recently scratched a pair of very expensive and very elegant sunglasses that were given to me by a loved one.  I feel terrible but they just must have rubbed against something while they were in my bag.  Sadly, all I can do now if stop things from getting worse and prepare better next time.

Without a glasses case, your glasses can get scratched or damaged when they just float around in your bag.  Also, I often don't have enough room to carry those big and bulky hard cases so a soft fabric glasses case is exactly what I need.

glasses case sewing patterns

We have one project for making a flex frame glasses case on our site which I'll copy below.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to wait for the squeeze frame to arrive from our friends at 3Dan.  Their shipping is quick and reliable, but I just don't have time given the damage that's already happened.  So I had a look around at what other glasses case sewing patterns I could find online.  As usual, I'd like to share this huge list of eyeglass case tutorials with you.

Glasses case sewing patterns are a great first project

We recently published a roundup of pillowcase patterns and pillow cover designs and in the introduction, I mentioned that pillowcases make a great first sewing project.  Another category of beginner sewing projects that is very popular is glasses cases.

These projects require very little fabric and the end product makes a fantastic gift for yourself or someone else.. Even if someone doesn't wear reading glasses, they almost certainly have sunglasses, so everyone can use a glasses case.

Flex frame glasses case

Below is one of our own projects which you might want to check out for making a neat flex frame glasses case.

How to sew an easy glasses case using one of those flex frames that you pinch to open.See This Project

80+ Eyeglass Case Sewing Patterns and Tutorials!

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I had a terry cloth pot holder that I just folded in half and sewed up the 2 sides. Voila! Glasses case and lens “cleaner” as well!


This is terrific!!!! I lost my original glasses case and now I can make many replacements. Thank you”