Halloween Costumes for Kids: 40+ Sewing Patterns & Projects

halloween costumes for kidsDo You Need to Make Some Halloween Costumes for Kids?

Well, its that time of year again.  I wanted to get this roundup out to you so you have plenty of time.  Halloween is just around the corner and if your kids are anything like mine used to be, they love handmade costumes to wear trick-or-treating or to their school parties.  We put together a huge collection of costumes and I'm sure you'll find something for even the most finicky trick-or-treater.

Why Do We Dress Up on Halloween Anyway?

The word Halloween is actually a contraction of the words: All Hallows' Evening and the holiday is observed in a number of countries but primarily the US on the 31st of October every year.

The origins of the holiday are not completely certain with some scholars believing Halloween originated from Celtic harvest festivals with pagan roots, while others contend that Halloween began solely as a Christian holiday.  As best I can tell, the holiday is an amalgam of Pagan, Celtic, Catholic and even Roman traditions.

Coming at the end of the harvest and just before winter, Halloween was a day of celebration marking the end of summer.  Winter often is considered a time of death so the festival was a way to honor (and get on the good side of) the dead including the saints and recently departed.  This was all quite spooky for everyone involved, so traditions came to include various practices designed to ward off evil spirits.

Among these practices was the tradition of trick-or-treating where gifts of small presents or candy would be given to placate “evil spirits” or even just the neighborhood kids dressed up like them..

halloween costumes for kids


Easy Princess Dress Pattern

Although not so spooky, below is one of our own projects which you might want to check out for making a beautiful princess dress.

halloween costumes for kidsSee This Project

Halloween Costumes for Kids: 40+ Sewing Patterns & Projects

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Kizito Aidar
Kizito Aidar

I want to learn more


THANK YOU. I really love the patterns, skills, tips, etc and appreciate all the “stuff” you two put out. I love your “store of knowledge” and your willingness to share. Thank you so much. Those two words hold a lot of weight on this site.