50+ FREE Halloween Pillow Projects

halloween pillow projects

Are you ready for Halloween?

We'll I'm not..  I just realized the date is nearly upon us and nothing in our house looks or feels like Halloween.  As I like to do, I thought I would sew something new to help brighten things up.  We have a lot of Halloween content on our website, but I decided I wanted to make some pillows and we don't have many Halloween pillow projects yet.

However, I did find this one on our site so I included the sashiko pillow tutorial in the roundup because I thought it had a look that can really go with Halloween.  This might be a great opportunity to learn about this method of quilting while helping get in the Halloween spirit.

Sashiko Quilting Tutorial: How to Make a Japanese Embroidery Cushion

So I set about to look for some new ideas on the internet and I wanted to share what I found with you in the hopes it will help you get in the Halloween spirit too.

If this list still isn't enough Halloween sewing for you, please check out some of the other lists we done of great Halloween sewing projects.  Also, if you use the search bar for this site and just put in the word “Halloween”, you see a lot of options to choose from.

50+ Halloween Sewing Projects and Patterns


Halloween Pillow Projects Roundup

Here's the list of some of the best Halloween pillow projects and patterns that I could find on the internet.  I hope they are of value to you.

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This is a great line-up of Halloween pillows. What’s even nicer is that you can use the patterns for making a quilt or wall hangings. Thank you for the ideas and patterns. As always your website is fantastic.