Handy sizing reference sheet

Handy guide to sizes for popular pre-cut fabrics, plus standard mattress and quilt sizes.

I was just working on something this week to pin up next to my sewing machine as a handy reference sheet, when I actually came across something that was already made and I didn't need to work on it at all.

I almost feel like it's cheating. Like buying something at the store instead of sewing it!

But let's face it, they have a design team, I have a very old version of Photoshop that I don't know how to use very well.  I think they win.


This handy reference includes:

  • Precuts – sizes and descriptions
  • Fabric terminology
  • Standard US mattress sizes
  • Standard quilt sizes (I should have paid heed to this when I made my first ever quilt)
  • Recommended batting sizes

So if you are thinking of making a quilt or bed spread of some sort, crib sheets, a mattress cover – these will all come in useful.

Want to know what a jelly roll and a charm pack is, and how many pieces or yards of fabric each might typically contain?  This handy reference sheet is for you!



Download from here

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Renate Parisek
Renate Parisek

I love the site!!!!

Renate Parisek
Renate Parisek

Dear Debby,
I just recently downloaded one of your patterns and received your thank you email which I liked very much. I am an avid quilter, almost to the point of addiction!, but I would also like to learn more about simple sewing projects and tutorials. And it seems that that’s what you’re offering and I like your style very much besides your determination of pursuing your passion. Best of luck to you and continued success!
And naturally, I will be ordering as much possible by using your site.
Thank you for sharing your sewing passion with the rest of us, the “sew-nuts” 🙂