Hooded Towel Sewing Patterns Roundup

hooded towel My kids LOVED these when they were growing up.

If you've ever struggled to dry off a toddler, you'll be happy to learn that a hooded towel is exactly what you need.  I remember when my kids were young they just loved to run around the house after having a bath decked out in their towels that resembled their favorite creatures.

My son just loved his blue dinosaur and my daughter couldn't separate from her pink hooded towel.  It happened to be a pink pig, but anything pink was all she wanted and she just loved it anyway.  We'd struggle to get it off her when it was time to dress.

A hooded towel will not only be a great addition to your own linen closet, but it would also be the perfect gift for anyone with small children.

Here's a huge collection of the best, free hooded towel sewing patterns that I could find on the internet.  Please enjoy!

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Hooded Towel Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Do you have a tutorial for the butterfly hooded towel on the cover of your 70 hooded towel projects?