How a sewing machine works – video

how a sewing machine worksToday, just a quick snippet. Have you ever wondered how your sewing machine works when it has the two threads and only one needle? How is the stitch actually formed?

This cool video shows you exactly how that works. And now you know why the ‘timing' on your sewing machine is so important. If the timing is off, due to damage somewhere, then the stitches won't form correctly or you may get skipped stitches. ¬†Same if you have a slightly bent needle.


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4 Responses to How a sewing machine works – video

  1. AJ says:

    Does it work the same way with a twin needle and 3 threads?

  2. brian says:

    thanks a lot very good and easy to understand video

  3. Karen J says:

    That was a great demonstration. I had no idea how a stitch was actually formed. Thank you.

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