How to teach kids to sew – giveaway

Giveaway, win the How to Start A Business Teaching Kids to Sew e-course.One of the most rewarding things about sewing, is the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject to others. Seeing other people have success thanks to your instruction is priceless.  It's even better if you pass on that love of sewing to young people.  Some of you might already be doing that on an informal basis.

If you want to take it a step further, and offer sewing lessons as a small business, then I have a great giveaway for you today.

How to Start A Business Teaching Kids to Sew

Sandi of Seams Sew Cool runs kids sewing classes and they're very popular so if you want to know anything about how to teach kids to sew, she's your gal.  She's written a complete online course to get you started if this is something you want to do too.

It includes:

  • 45 page e-book
  • 13 easy patterns to get you started
  • 31 videos to help you teach the Seams Sew Cool system


An extract about the class from her site:

Love sewing? Love to teach kids? Love to make money? Turn your passion for sewing into a stream of income with the Seams Sew Cool Program. I created this program 5 years ago and have successfully taught hundreds of kids to sew in my home sewing studio. Learning to sew is sweeping the country, and parents want their kids to learn to sew.

A Guide to Starting a Business Teaching Kids to Sew features a 45 page e-book walking you through how to set up your area and start teaching kids to sew, 13 patterns and written
instructions from the sewing 100 series program to use in the classroom, and 31 videos to teach
you how I teach the Seams Sew Cool Program. New techniques are introduced with each
project so you can teach skills and help the student feel confident one project at a time. The Series 100 patterns are for you to use over and over in your classroom… need to keep purchasing patterns for new students!!! In the Sewing 100 series (pattern kits 101, 102, 103), there will be lessons to teach the student for 7 to 9 months (2-hour lesson every other week). Once the 100 series has been completed, the student will move on to the next series.


Covered in the course

Some of the items we will also cover in the ebook are:
How Many Students Per Class?
What Days To Teach And For How Long?
What Should I Charge?
Teaching The Seams Sew Cool Program
Sewing 101, 102, and 103 Kits
Yay, Someone Signed Up….Now What Do I Do?

Forms and Information To Send To Parents, Either PDF or Snail Mail
Information And Policies
List of Sewing Studio Equipment
Hold Harmless Form
Website Form
Student Information Page
Sewing 101, 102 and 103 Kit Sheet

Note – this isn't a course designed to teach YOU to sew, but how to set up in business and teach other people to sew.  You will see in each video tutorial how Sandi teaches her classes and what she points out to her students along the way.


So who would really love this e-course?  Already got plans to go in this direction with your sewing and need more help?  This could be just what you are looking for.  Enter below – entry is open worldwide. Closing date 17th Nov 2015.

Teach Kids to Sew E-course Giveaway

Can't see the entry form?  Click here to enter instead.

Discount on the e-course

Sandi is also offering the So Sew Easy readers a discount on her  “How to Start A Business Teaching Kids to Sew” e-course.  Use promo code when checking out of so sew easy and you'll get 20% off your cart.  Discount offer closes 21st Dec 2015. Enjoy!

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I have not tried to teach anyone before, but would love to teach my daughter.


Thank you for a chance to win! I have been thinking about this idea for a while.

Karen Faber
Karen Faber

I am working on teaching my granddaughter ro sew, and have been asked for lessons for a couple of others. This would be a great way to start a small retirement job

Crazie Chameleon
Crazie Chameleon

Thanks for this – I’m teaching adults to sew on a one-to-one basis, but with dreams to set up classes for both adults and kids. Me, I learned to sew age 5 from my mum’s knee – literally! It’s the best way to start 🙂


Would like to start a husiness teaching kids and adults to sew. This e class would be a tremendous help.

Judith Martinez
Judith Martinez

I’ve taught my own children some and I’d like to do a better job with them in the future. I find teaching sewing classes to be a very appealing way to make some extra money but have no idea where to start.