I was a sewing judge – it was hard!


I was asked this year to be a judge in round 3 of the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge. Each year Fabric Mart run this great contest where sewers have a week to complete a challenge and get votes or risk being knocked out for the next round.

Round 3 opened on 30th Sept and is a subject close to my heart – writing a sewing tutorial.

The 4 contestants at this stage of the game had to write a tutorial on:

  • How to sew a French Seam
  • Tips for working with chiffon
  • How to hem pants
  • Tips for working with ITY knits

All challenging subjects in their own way.  How far would each contestant go?  Would they complete the challenge, or would they exceed expectations with the greatest blog article ever written?!  Or somewhere in between.

blogheader Nov2012 995

Wow, it was hard to be a judge.  I read and re-read all of the tutorials over and over, checked again and again what the judging criteria and instructions were and eventually had to give my points.

I won't spoil it here with my votes – but I'd be really interested to hear what you think both of the challenge and the tutorials above.  Which of these bloggers and tutorials is your favorite?

fabric mart 2

Maybe I should invite one of them to write an article for So Sew Easy – which one would you choose?

Click on through to the Fabric Mart blog to see all of the entries and to also check out the entries in the earlier rounds.  These are some very talented ladies here this year.


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