If You’ve Been Thinking About Trying Bluprint, Now Might Be The Time: 50% OFF

Our readers have had a lot of history with Bluprint, formerly known as Craftsy.  You can read a ton of comments about the product and the various changes there in the articles below.  These were, in fact, some of the most commented-on articles on our whole site so well worth checking out if you're still doing research.

However, if you're ready to take the plunge, Bluprint, like many other merchants are running a huge sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  In this sale, you can get 50% off all classes, if you want to use the buy-and-own-forever model.  Or you can try the Unlimited Access to Bluprint for only $39.99.  That's everything on the site for a whole year for only $39.99, which is a fantastic deal.   This is the lowest price ever offered for the subscription product.

In full disclosure, if you try or buy using our link, we make a small commission which helps us keep producing the weekly free sewing patterns and other sewing related content each and every week.  We'd really appreciate your help in using the link below:

Get 50% Off With Our Link


RIP Craftsy: Long Live Bluprint

Craftsy Unlimited Becomes Bluprint: What It Means For You

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4 Responses to If You’ve Been Thinking About Trying Bluprint, Now Might Be The Time: 50% OFF

  1. KC says:

    i thought it was not worth the sub rates, I just chose to not renew. they do not update content library enough, IMO.

  2. Samina says:

    It doesn’t appear that you can renew an existing subscription using the 50% off link. Bummer.

    • Elena DeLoof says:

      When the time comes to renew your subscription, if they don’t offer you a lower rate, ask if they have any specials going. They probably won’t go as low as half of, but I’ve received significant discounts when I’ve renewed in the past.

    • daisyandjack says:

      Yep it’s annoying they don’t have a deal for the people already supporting them !!

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