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I was recently contacted by a website that I'd not found before, Indiesew.  We've been conspiring and working together in secret….

I'm so excited to finally reveal that some of my patterns are going to be featured on the site, starting soon with the Sew Simple Leggings. It's great news for me because it means my patterns and site could soon be discovered by a whole new group of readers that might have not found me any other way.  So I might get some extra pattern sales, which will be great.


(Image courtesy of Indiesew)

I wanted to just tell you a little about the site and recommend you take a look.  They are very different to the usual sites that sell sewing patterns and I love them for the following reasons:

  • well, they agreed to stock some of my patterns so clearly they are very cool people 😉
  • they sell only a small selection of hand-picked sewing patterns from small indie sewing designers
  • their site is clear and visually very attractive
  • they test and personally sew every single pattern they sell
  • all the images in the shop are of the clothes they have sewn themselves from the  patterns they have chosen to sell
  • they feature reviews, tutorials, style guides and user creations for all the patterns they sell
  • they are new and just starting out and would love to see you there.


(Image courtesy of Indiesew) 

So next time you are considering the purchase of a sewing pattern, do drop into Indiesew and see if they have something you like.

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LeAnn Frobom

Congrats! And thanks for the tip.


Congrats, Deby! I recently started following that site and I’m sure your patterns will do well there!

Kathy Sews
Kathy Sews

I’ve not heard of their site! I popped over and it is really nice. How exciting they’ll be featuring your patterns soon!!!!