Insulated ‘Keep Warm’ Baby Bottle Cover

baby bottle cover

I've made a few projects with the insulated thermal lining before, the Long Arm Oven Mitts, the Can Cozy and Easy Quilted Pot Holders.  So when Daniela from On the Cutting Floor wrote to me with some more ideas she had, we were inspired to create a couple more projects to share.  See her project at the bottom.

With so many of my friends expecting new arrivals to their families, I wanted to make an insulated baby bottle cover that could help to keep a feeding bottle warm.  I thought this could be used while out and about, or for night time feeds.  I did a little online research and many looked difficult to open with round zippers and the like.  With a baby in one arm, who needs complicated so I decided on a simple drawstring version which could more easily be pulled open.

Obviously, baby bottle sizes vary so this pattern fits a standard looking bottle, not a dumpy one.  You'll have to adjust if your bottles are a different size or shape.

Sewing an Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

baby bottle cover

[The full sizes and expanded instructions are in the download for you to keep.  Abbreviated ones here to keep things short and sweet.]

Dealing with the insulation.  My first concern was how to keep that insulated lining in place during the sewing and turning.  It's not fusible like an interfacing and it's a bit shiny and crinkly.  After a lot of experimenting with hand basting and the like, I took the easy way out and actually spray basted it in place right onto the fabric.  I recommend you do the same, but hand basting it into the seam allowances and around the top also works, just takes more patience!

This basting spray is commonly used by quilters, is non-toxic and only temporary – it washes right out afterward.

Watch me make one

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Materials needed:

  • Cute fabrics
  • Insul-Bright insulated liner, or similar thermal lining fabric
  • Cord or ribbon for drawstrings
  • Optional – basting spray

Fabric ideas from

Cut out all of your fabric pieces and insulation pieces as described in the download. I thought it would be nice to piece this out of several fabrics, but you can make it out of a single fabric too.  Sew all the pieces together first.

baby bottle cover

Prepare and then sew on the little strips that will be the casing for the drawstrings.  We'll only sew along the top and bottom, leaving the sides open for the ribbon or cords.

baby bottle cover

baby bottle cover

Baste the insulation on the fabric pieces, by hand or with spray baste.

baby bottle cover

Sew the top, bottom, and sides together to make a long tube.  Leave a small gap in the lining piece for turning.

baby bottle cover

Box the corners at the bottom to give it a little shaping.  I cut a 1-inch square, measured from the stitching lines.

baby bottle cover

Turn the tube the right way out, close the gap in the lining and push the lining down inside.

baby bottle cover

Thread through your cords or ribbons, one from each direction and pull them to close.

I think you'll realise this is so quick you'll have time to go ahead and make some more!  Great baby shower gifts, but why stop there.  You could make one for keeping your water bottle cool too.  This basic design could be adapted for all sorts of hot and cold drinks containers.

baby bottle cover

Download the full details and instruction here

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Download the 'Keep Warm' baby bottle cover

You can download the pattern and instructions for the Keep Warm bottle cover from my design account at Payhip.  It's a PDF file containing both instructions and pattern sizing all in the same file.  Enjoy!

Daniela also had some great ideas for how to use the insulating liner.  She made this ‘cool' insulated car organiser, with room to hold a drink and snacks.  Perfect for long, or short, car journeys.


Do drop over to her site to take a look – she does great patterns too!

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18 Responses to Insulated ‘Keep Warm’ Baby Bottle Cover

  1. Linda Clark says:

    Thank you. I leave in a week for a Quilt Seminars at Sea Cruise to Alaska (done several, they are wonderful). I’m going to try this for my bottle of water on the tours.

  2. Edith Richards says:

    As always, excellent idea and an impeccable explanation. I was thinking to make something like that to carry a cold water bottle when going for a long waking. I’ll add a cross body strap and voila!

  3. Laura says:

    Do you happen to sell a selling rights? I love this idea!

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  5. D She says:

    Looks like a great project. Of course you should only keep water warm for baby’s feed before adding formula powder. Never keep milk or mixed formula warm.

  6. Kiwi says:

    I’m going to use this for my school project

  7. Susana Pourxet says:

    As always, excellent idea and an impecable explanation. I was thinking to make something like that to carry a cold water bottle when go for a long waking. I’ll add a cross body strap and voila!

  8. Lavina says:

    How to make this with the round base?

  9. Beverly J Jefferson says:

    Superb idea! I never seen such thing in my life but because of you and your artistic mind I was exposed to this baby bottle cover. Thank you for sharing this one to us. Very cute and very unique!

  10. Great news! I am featuring your sweet bottle cover tomorrow on Made in a Day! What a great baby idea! Thanks so much for pinning it to the P3 Board! Congrats! Look for it tomorrow on my social media feeds!

  11. I love this and will be making some for my new niece or nephew. Just a note though. Basting Spray is highly toxic. My sister nearly died from using it outside in a very well ventilated area.

  12. Daniela says:

    Great Tutorial! I love your fabric choices for this, it looks really cute (and practical!!!)
    It is always fun to collaborate with you 😉

  13. Brilliant!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

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