10 Insulated Sewing Projects

10 insulated sewing projects to keeps things hot or cold. Fun stuff.


It's that time of year when we all look to the upcoming winter and are consumed with how to keep things warm – our drinks, our food, ourselves even.  But all too soon winter will be over and before you know it summer will be drawing near and we'll all become concerned with keeping things cold again!

Luckily we can sew our own insulated projects to exactly match what we need.  Using an insulated foil liner in your sewing can create a whole range of products that either will keep things warm or cold, or protect you from the heat too.  Check out some of my favorites below (including a shameless plug for a couple of my own you might have missed).

10 great insulated sewing projects to try

1. Baby Bottle Cover

Whether you are keeping milk warm for a night time feed or a trip out, or keeping a drink cool while you stroll in the park, this insulated bottle cover doesn't have to just be for baby.  Keep one for your own water bottle too.


2. Roll Top Lunch Bag

Great tips for working with vinyl fabrics help you make this insulated lunch bag with an easy roll-down top.  Keep your sandwiches and drink cool and then just wipe it clean afterwards.

Roll top lunch bag

3. Heart shaped pot holder

No need to keep hearts just for February.  This clever design makes something decorative into something useful for the kitchen, and keeps your fingers cool while baking cookies or picking up hot pans.

Heart shaped pot holder

4. Long arm oven mitts

No matter what I do, at least once a month I manage to burn my wrist or forearm while getting something out of the oven.  Now that can be a thing of the part with these quilted longer-length oven mitts designed to give you a little more protection.


5. Insulated Shopping Tote

See a friend while you're out shopping?  No need to rush home, you can stop for a chat and a coffee with the insulated shopping tote bag.  Keep your perishables cool, your milk fresh and your frozen veg cold all the way home.

Shopping tote

6. Casserole Carrier

Taking a casserole or hot dessert over to a neighbor, new mom or friend for dinner?  Then use this insulated casserole carrier to make sure it arrives piping hot still and ready to eat.  Also just great to use at the table until everyone is seated and ready to serve.

Casserole carrier

7. Insulated Car Seat Organiser

Now isn't this a ‘cool'  idea.  Keep everything tidy, keep the kids entertained with their favorite books or toys, and keep the kids' drinks and snacks cool at the same time with the insulated pocket on this car seat organiser.

insulated car organizer2

8. Mini Iron Carry Bag

If you attend sewing retreats, quilting classes or a sewing circle, perhaps you take a travel or mini-sized iron with you.  If it's still hot at the end of class, you'll need an insulated bag to carry it home safely so it doesn't burn a mark in your car mat.

Mini iron bag

Or make yourself an iron cozy to cover the hotplate of your full-sized iron.

Iron Cozy

9. Ironing Board Cover

Anyone who sews will soon find they want to sew a funky ironing board cover, to replace the one that inexplicably gets covered in iron-on-interfacing and other things sticky, or simply get cut by mistake (oops).  Why settle for a plain cover when you can make something that looks like this!


Or try this one as an alternative.

10. Hair straighteners cover

If you use a heated product to either curl or straighten your hair, at some point you'll want to travel with it and this pouch is ideal for keeping the warm iron away from your clothes in your bag.  Can be adapted to all sorts of heated products.

Hair iron cover


Now whatever the weather, whatever you are doing, both at home or on the road, no need to worry about the heat or the cold, these 10 sewing ideas have got you covered.

Have you got any other ideas or favorite projects to share ?


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