Lace from my stash giveaway + vouchers

Lace giveaway

As more and more people move to using mobile devices to browse the site and download files, I'm gradually trying to go back through some of my earlier patterns and give them an update.  Recently, I just changed the Cheeky Panties pattern.  It was originally hand drawn and in a ZIP file but now its digital and available as a PDF so it can be downloaded and printed more easily.

Sew your own lace undies - So Sew Easy

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Download your free undies pattern

UPDATE - Oct 2014.  The pattern has now been updated from hand-drawn to digital and is available with the pattern and instructions as a single PDF file to make downloading and printing easy, especially from mobile devices.  Please refer to the downloaded instructions for how to assemble the new digital pattern.

I printed out the new pattern to test and check it and thought, hmm, about time I updated my underwear drawer.  That got me going back through my stash to make some more.  I can't believe quite how much of the stretch lace I had.  Originally when I developed the pattern I was intending to sew some for sale in my Etsy shop but then one project led to another and another and I just kept on making new things.

Anyway, its more fun to sew for yourself than to sew for someone else – or at least it is for me.  So I have a LOT of stretch lace I bought to make up these undies and then never got around to it.  My excess is your gain, because to celebrate the update of this pattern, I'm having a stash clear-out and will send the 2 lucky giveaway winners a big bundle of stretch lace suitable for making up this pattern – or anything else you want to make with it.

Lace bundles

It's all clean, been unopened and stored away in plastic bags in a big box in my cupboard.  So just print the pattern, cut the lace and sew and you can have new underwear in about 15 minutes I think!  And SO much cheaper than you can buy in the shops.

I'm also delighted that joining me in the giveaway is my favorite lace supplier – Deb's Lace and Trims.  She has simply the very best range and the very best prices on:

From her own site–>

Deb's Lace and Trims Carries a Variety of Laces:

  • 3000 Lace and Trim and Growing
  • Wide Lace in ecru, white, and a variety of colors
  • Stretch Lace and Elastic in a variety of colors including wide stretch lace.
  • Colored Lace in a variety of sizes.
  • Eyelet Lace including ruffled eyelets.
  • Crochet Lace in a variety of sizes.
  • Beading Lace In a variety of colors
  • Venice lace & Venice Appliques & Also Iron on Appliques
  • White Lace & Ecru Lace
  • Ruffled Lace & Wedding Lace
  • Cotton Lace & Polyester Lace
  • PLUS pages and pages of trims of all sorts too

You'll be amazed at the stock and the great prices.  In short – she has EVERYTHING.

Debs lace


Deb has kindly agreed to donate TWO $25 gift certificates to her store for the giveaway winners.


Sewing your own underwear

If you are interested in sewing your own undies, give this cheeky panties pattern a try, and also consider signing up to the excellent Bra Making class on Craftsy.  I'm enrolled and it's great! Just waiting for some supplies to arrive and then I'll be giving this a try.

Bra making

Enter the Giveaway here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions.  The giveaway is open to everyone worldwide.  There are four winners  and each will win either one of the lace bundles shown above or one of two $25 gift certificates from Deb's Lace and Trim.  Closing date is 17th November and the winners will be selected at random by Rafflecopter.  This giveaway is in no way associated with any of the social sharing options mentioned such as Twitter and Pinterest.

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Danita Courtney
Danita Courtney

Wow! Thank you, Deby! I never win anything!!! This was so awesome and such a great pick-me-up! I will fulfill my promise and send you a pic of those newly made VS Panties! Thank you for the fabric win!!!


I am definitely going to make these. I love the fact that I can make my own and customize them. I am heading over to buy some lace at Deb’s lace. I’m in New Jersey. I would like to win bundle 2.

Esther Hopland
Esther Hopland

thanks for the pattern for the undies. I hope I win the lace to make them

Danita Courtney
Danita Courtney

I have followed your amazing story and growth for a while! You have been a positive influence on me as a role model and I am forever grateful! I too move on to new things quickly and enjoy sewing. This month I am making a real effort to actually sew for myself!!! I have had your VS Pantie pattern since you first made it public and even visited some of the recommended shops for buying lace. But I wasn’t sewing for me then! I am making a tremendous effort to change that AND become satisfied with what I do sew! It should be fun and not a drag! So, in honor to a lovely woman, A.K.A. YOU, I am going to make those panties By the end of this year!!! I have a complex shirt I am currently working on, but YOUR project is NEXT! I will send pic, and pin them to prove I did it! Thanks for all your hard work and beautiful patterns you share and design to inspire!!!
Your Blog Reader in Maine, US

Joyce Eustace
Joyce Eustace

Thanks for the many great patterns you design. The lace is gorgeous I enrolled in the bra making on craftsy a couple of weeks ago but have not made anything yet It would be great to be able to make matching undies. Just because I am 73 does not mean I can’t have nice eundies. Good luck to all.

Lela C
Lela C

Make my own panites? Wha a wonderful idea!


I never made undies before but will definitely give it a try if I was to win some lace

A. States
A. States

Would love to win Bundle 2. I look forward to making my own “Cheeky Panties”. Greetings from Ohio USA.


I would love to make some of your underwear and the lace is gorgeous – I like Bundle 2. I sew for women and children at my local women’s shelter and new underwear is something that is always needed and I would love to make these pretty ones for them as well. Thanks for the chance to win some lace. Oh – I live on Vancouver Island outside Victoria in British Columbia Canada.


Great giveaway – I’ve made your cheeky panties pattern up from the original using liberty lawn for the front and stretch lace for the back with a matching bra. They are both great and it makes a lovely set. Bundle 2 would be just fine for me – here’s wishing

Anita Carol Gambrell

Hi, I am from Arabi, Georgia I would choose bundle #1


I have had your apttern for a while, but not quite got round to ordering the bits to make it up, what a great chance here! Also great to hear of another good online source, personal recommendations are such a help

Sarah Jane

Oh! Thank you for introducing my to Deb’s Lace and Trims! I’ve been looking for an online store just like this! Wonderful!


What a wonderful opportunity to win some of your lace; thank you!

Theresa Brooks
Theresa Brooks

I am looking forward to trying your pattern! Would also love to win some lace or a gift certificate!

Vivienne marks
Vivienne marks

I would so love to win a bundle of lace, the colours are beautiful.

Anne Waller
Anne Waller

Just the pattern I was looking for . Fabulous prize opportunity too – thank you.


I would love any of the prizes, but I think I would like to be surprised by some of your destashing