Last chance to buy the 2014 Pattern of the Month Club

Save money and get to sew a lot! I'll be signing up at So Sew Easy to get a sewing pattern each month.

2014 has now drawn to a close and it's been an epic year!  A lot of hard work, but a lot of fun and a huge steep learning curve for me as I tried to learn new tricks, improve my sewing skills and try my hand at some pattern designing.  I think it all turned out OK.

I managed to meet my target of producing at least one new free and one new paid pattern each month in the year, so even if your budget didn't allow for paid patterns, I still hope you had plenty to work on in 2014.

But all good things eventually come to a close and the 2014 Pattern of the Month Club is now finished.  In the end there were a total of 18 different patterns included for just $35, so a little under $2 a pattern.

All of the 2014 Patterns


Last chance to buy

You can still buy all 18 patterns for the price of $35 until 31st January 2015, at which point I'll close off this option and you'll just be able to buy the patterns individually.  So if there are a few there you would like, take a look now and see if you can save by buying them as a group.

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Join the Sewing Pattern of the Month Club
Get 18 patterns for 2014

Get all 18 patterns from the 2014 Pattern of the Month Club for $35.  Offer closes on 31st Jan 2015.  After that you can still buy each pattern individually, but not as the group.


What about in 2015?

I've been delighted that quite a few members of the 2014 POTMC have already asked when they can sign up for 2015.  Makes me happy to know they enjoyed their sewing and the patterns I produced.

At the moment, I'm going to hold off on starting a new POTMC for 2015.  I feel it's too much to ask for you to pay entirely up front for patterns you haven't seen, and I don't even know yet what I'll make!  I'd feel terrible if you signed up now and then for whatever reason the patterns weren't your style and you felt disappointed.

So let's just take it a month at a time and see how it goes.  If all is well and I'm staying on target, then partway through the year I'll introduce a number of options then which might include:

  1. the patterns released in 2015 so far as a group
  2. the future releases only as a group
  3. the whole year as a group

This gives people options in case they have already bought some of the earlier ones and don’t want to pay for those again. Then you won’t have to hold off on buying any of the patterns released early in the year if you like them, knowing you can sign up later for the future releases only.

What do you think?

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Linda Epstein
Linda Epstein

Thanks for the update on the pattern of the month club. I just purchased the one for last year. Looking forward to seeing all your creative ideas for this year. All the best.



Congrats on a successful year. Like your idea for 2015. One thing I want to learn is how to make a nice A-Line skirt from cotton fabric, with a narrow waistband, zipper is fine and inseam pocket. Knits are just too hot for me.