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I was recently reviewing all of the comments and requests on the readers survey from earlier this year to see how much I was getting done.  The simple answer is – not enough!  Naturally we've all got different interests and in sewing there is a HUGE range of things you can be interested in, an infinite number of projects to sew, a never-ending array of sewing tips and techniques to try.


Try as I might, although I am bursting with ideas, I simply can't get content out on the site quick enough despite working as fast as I can – I'm only human.  Every week, almost every day, someone will write and ask, can you do me a pattern or tutorial for a ……..  I'd love to be able to say YES to everyone, but there is only so much time a person has in a day.  Then it dawned on me – there is a limited amount of time ONE person has in a day – so if you need more time, you need more people!

So who do I know that sews, that can help me out?  Well hello – only about a gazillion people I've ‘met' online from other sewing blogs.  Yes, there are apparently other sewing blogs out there – of course you shouldn't look at those, everything you need is here 😉


A fresh perspective for the future

So I asked if anyone would be interested in helping me out with some sewing projects, and I'm delighted to tell you that some of my favorite sewing bloggers answered my call for help.  Starting soon, you'll see even more great content on the site.

We'll be getting on average, one article per week from someone else other than me for a change.  Someone with perhaps a different set of skills, different sewing interests and experiences, and new tips and tricks to share with you, and access to much better fabric shops than I've got!


Here is a sneak peek of the ladies who'll be keeping us all entertained with their ideas.  Some might be familiar to you, perhaps some not.  Every time you get an article from one of the site contributors, they'll have a brief bio about themselves at the bottom and a link through to their contributor page where you can learn more.

I'm very excited to be able to bring some new content and some new fresh sewing ideas to the site, and hope you enjoy learning more about the hand-picked team and they share their sewing tips and a little bit about themselves.

Of course you don't get rid of me that easily – I'll still be sharing all the stuff I make each week, and now these ladies will be raising the bar and I'll have to try to keep up !

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Irene V. (MammaNene)

Nice to see my face here!
Can’t wait to see how it goes… Thanks for inviting me to your team 😉


I commented earlier today, wonder where it went 🙁 Congrats and looking forward to more great content!


Excited to read Deby 🙂


I am excited (and relieved) for you, Deby! I love everything you do and agree you can’t do more than humanly possible to satisfy anyone. Bringing in a small army of quality sewists is just the answer and we will love them too! I am looking forward to what they’ll bring to “the sewing table”!


Hi Deby, this is great news! Sewing blogs are such fun, and I’ve enjoyed visiting yours for a while now. I have one too, http://www.sewwhatyvette.com, and I would also love to guest post on your’s.

Stephanie at Swoodson Says

Haha I was surprised to see my mug pop up in the bloglovin preview 🙂 Excited to ‘meet’ your readers!

Damjana at AppleGreen Cottage

Deby, this is great news! I’ve been following your blog (and site, and FB group and …) and your decision for a team is just making our ‘sewing world’ better! Thanks 😀