Lunch Bag Sewing Patterns: Ready for Back To School?

lunch bag sewing patternsDo You or Love On Take Lunch to School or Work?

My kids took their lunch to school for years and years.  I remember always struggling to find a good lunch bag (and also struggling to get my daughter to bring her's home..)  I could never really find what I was looking for with store-bought lunch bags.  They were either too small, or too big, or not washable, etc. etc.

So I've always been on the lookout for lunch bag sewing patterns.  While my daughter now prefers to eat lunch at school and not take lunch from home, my husband has started on a low-carb diet which means he prefers to take lunch with him –so I needed to do some research on what are the best lunch bag patterns on the internet today.

As I often do, I thought I'd put together a collection of lunch bag sewing patterns for anyone else who needs to send someone off to school or work with food.  Please enjoy!

Perhaps try one of our own ideas:

Most of the patterns in this roundup are free but this one isn't.  For a small fee, you get a thoroughly tested pattern, full instructions, and a video tutorial.  I think you'll find it worth the price!
Make your own insulated lunch bags with your favorite fabrics. Includes make your own laminated fabrics for a wipe-clean option too.

Check It Out

Lunch Bag Sewing Patterns Roundup

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[…] It's a fun thing to carry and you can express your inner-child with your favorite print, cartoons, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Minions, or go smart and sophisticated in a rich paisley or floral – whatever takes your fancy.  Be the talk of the lunch room with your own custom insulated lunch bag! […]

Amaia from You Made My Day Patterns

Thanks for featuring my lunch box bag!!

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Kelle J.

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