Too Little Time To Sew – How To Maximize Your Sewing Time

maximize your sewing timeSome people sew only because they really have to. Then there are some who are really passionate about sewing and would sew every chance they get. Unfortunately, not all of these hardcore sewing enthusiasts have much time for a hobby in their hands. But then again, there are some little things that can be done to ensure that you are able to maximize your sewing time.


Be Organized

maximize your sewing time

Make sure you have everything you need for sewing in an area you have dedicated for that purpose. Your supplies should all be packed neatly in clear organizer/ drawers with the most used items on top of other materials that you rarely use.

If you want to see a neat trick to better organize your fabric stash, please read this article:

Organising your stash, how to keep it neat

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Sewing Supplies

maximize your sewing time

As mentioned above, almost everyone nowadays has a busy lifestyle and having the supplies you need for a certain project on hand will really help you maximize what available time you have for sewing. You don’t have to buy all the materials at once, and you also don’t have to go out of your way to buy sewing stuff. You can just get a thing or two whenever you are doing the weekly grocery shopping. Make a list of what sewing projects you’d really love to make first. Here are some basic things that you’d need to have on hand:

  • Threads
  • Manual and machine needles
  • Elastics in various widths
  • Different zipper types and sizes
  • Interfacing


Ensure That You Have Handy Tools

maximize your sewing time

Aside from the usual fabric, threads, and needles, there are some items that don’t seem to be really necessary but they actually are especially when you want to make the most out of your free time. The following items are recommended to always have in handy:

  • Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Tube Turner
  • Bias Tape Maker
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer
  • Fusible Tape
  • Tailor’s Ham
  • Tracing Wheel/ Chalk

Here's our take on what tools are essential in your sewing kit:

15 Essential Tools for Your Beginner Sewing Kit

Additional Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Sewing Time:

  • Press the fabric/ garment before sewing as it will make it a lot easier to see if everything is even & folded smoothly before you sew.
  • Make patterns and cut-out several fabrics in advance so you can be more productive when you get to actual sewing.
  • Recycle a pattern and be creative with altering designs for new and different looks.
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I’ve been sewing more with the current lock down but I now realize my 26 year old Kenmore has been keeping from sewing in the past. My ideal machine is the Juki DL8700 but currently eyeing the Janome HD3000 for the additional stitches. Maybe this year my Christmas pyjama presents WILL be ready for Christmas morning. lol


Would card stock work as well? Are the magazine boards connected to make them 22″?

JC Bryan
JC Bryan

Responding to Wendy’s comment about being locked in the house. I agree. Joanne Fabrics has launched a program guaranteed to keep you busy and doing something to help during this pandemic. See
I am not an employee or otherwise connected to Joann Fabrics, just live near one store.


During this time of isolation because of the virus, sewing is one of the activities helping to keep me busy. I have been using scraps to make pot holders, place mats, and little gifts for Christmas! I have also been organizing my space better now that there’s time to do it.

Wendy Stinson
Wendy Stinson

Some wonderful tips. Thanks so much for sharing. Fortunately and unfortunately, I’m actually finding quite a lot of time to sew these days while being locked in the house. This will certainly help me to get more done though.