McCall’s M6074 – the One to Four hours dress

I'd been itching to try this pattern for a while and eventually got round to it.  It's a very simple pattern with just 4 pattern pieces, well 2 really if you consider that each one is a mirror image of the other.  Two for the front, left and right side and the same for the back. And a small piece as a casing for the elastic which creates the gather under the bust.

So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.

According to the measurements on the pattern envelope, I was a size 14.  Dresses normally come out too large, but I'd rather take in than find I've cut too small and ruined the fabric.  So I used this black and white ‘nests' ITY knit from FabricMart.  And although this is described by McCalls as a one hour dress – it did take me a lot longer.

So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.

The dress was HUGE.  It took me a total of 4 hours in the end, taking the dress on and off, pinning a little, basting, trying again.  I really wish I had a dress form – pinning the back and the sides of a dress you are wearing while trying to stand up straight is very difficult so I took great care to only make small adjustments at a time – and this is why the dress took 4 hours from opening the pattern to final wearing.


So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.

But now it's finished I really like it.  The material is lovely and soft and hangs down nicely, it has a bit of weight to it and the dress looks very smooth and flattering.  I took the time to make some notes and rough alterations to my pattern pieces, and immediately set about making the same dress again!


This time the fabric was very different – a Roxy Girl jersey from GirlCharlee.  However it is VERY lightweight – almost tissue thin and was quite difficult to sew with.  I liked the fabric design so I cheated a little and I cut the back very slightly off-grain and this allowed me to line up my pattern pieces tighter, and leave fabric left over for another t-shirt.  It doesn't seem to have made the dress hang badly.

So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.

This time I cut a smaller size – 12 at the top, tapering to 10 at the waist and skirt but it was still too large and I ended up removing more from the center back and sides and redrew the pattern again for future use.


There were some noticeable differences in this dress from the last one – due entirely to the lightweight fabric I used.


So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.You can see the neckline on the second dress seems to be higher.  The armholes also seemed very high and tight under the arm I guess because the fabric wasn't as heavy as before so I cut the armholes a little larger, then realised I had done it too much at the front and it was a bit gapey.  So I added a small band around the armholes on this one and it made them easier to finish in this light fabric and corrected my mistake.


And this dress has come out shorter than the other one – I have no idea why as I am sure I cut it the same, perhaps this is also entirely down to the tissue thin fabric. I think this one is a bit too short, but I love the design on the fabric so I'll still wear it out and about, but it will be rather more casual than the other one which looks quite elegant.

McCalls M6074 dress

I do think that both dresses don't look much like the pattern illustration (which I am not allowed to show here for Copyright reasons).  On the illustration the dress is more fitted than mine but with a fuller skirt – I think this is artistic licence as there is no way I could have ended up with a skirt with that much flare from these pattern pieces.


This is a pattern I highly recommend for new sewers like myself.  Few pieces, quick and easy to sew, and easy to adjust to get the fit you like.

Did you notice I had my hair cut?  I took the Roxy pics some time before the other ones. I think I prefer it short.

So Sew Easy - M6074 one hour dress.
Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy

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Love your dresses, you have such gorgeous weather all the time – sigh – as a homegrown South African it does make me feel a little homesick….
Thank you so much for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays, I hope to see you again this week.


VERY PRETTY! I wish I could sew…I like the second one best, but they’re both cute. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

Mystery Case

I love them both. Fantastic. I’m hopeless at sewing, I needed help with a basic mini skirt. I’m attempting my first blog hop this Easter Saturday and have a little mystery prize up for grabs to celebrate. Happy Easter.


I like the first one best 🙂

Diane Marie Haller

Great pattern and beautiful dress! My daughter is learning to sew and I can’t wait to show this to her! I just started a new link party…bring your pinterest pin link to the party so that others can then pin it with ease to share with their followers…hope you can make it! 🙂

Blessings! Diane


Very cute dress and is very flattering for your figure. I like that you don’t just accept the size if it’s not quite right, and will take that time to make it stunning, which you did. I quilt, but don’t sew clothes—I think it’s time to learn if in the future, I would make such flattering styles as this with only 4 pieces!

Nice job, thanks!


Wow! I love these, so, so great. I have sewn very little for myself (two skirts to be exact), but this makes me want to step it up. Love the silhouettes, you look gorgeous… It is so helpful to read things like off pattern sizing, so that when I do try I’m prepared for the frustration 🙂

Amy Clark

Your dresses both look fantastic!

I'm Feelin' Crafty

This is a very cute dress! Thanks for sharing. I love the black and white one!


They’re both nice, but that first one looks especially awesome on you. I’ve got to start doing more clothing patterns!


Thanks for the great pattern review! The dress looks beautiful – you did a really great job!

Kelly @ View Along the Way

It’s beautiful! Love the hair too. 🙂 Thanks for linking this up to Monday Funday!


The dresses are really cute! What size dress do you usually buy ready made? I have trouble believing that I wear the size suggested on the pattern envelopes. I don’t want to start a dress and have to cut so much off that it changes the look of the dress.


I usually wear a 6 to 8 in RTW, but the patterns show me as a LOT larger. I think I will sign up for the class, too. Thanks for the suggestion.


These dresses look great! I can never cut the correct amount of fabric the first time, I always end up with too much! Oops 🙂 Glad to know I am not alone!

Don’t forget to link up to Handmade Tuesdays @


Nice work! It looks great!


The dress is great! And yes the haircut is cute too! Thanks for sharing the pattern!


those turned out cute! I love the fuller front! Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays! you are a faithful linker! love it! Really appreciate you stopping by my blog! I’m trying to keep in better touch with my linkers/readers… If you already follow me, please let me know I will find your blog on Bloglovin (I’m transferring my follows there)if you don’t follow in any way, would you consider following via GFC or other method?


They are so pretty… Perfect for the hot season…


It’s pretty! I like that the straps are wide enough so you can wear a bra under it, ’cause believe me, ‘spaghetti straps’ isn’t the way I can go. I’m definitely looking up this pattern. Thanks for telling us about it!

Seamingly Smitten - Jenny Hall

These are great dresses!! It’s amazing how those two fabrics make such a difference in the way it drapes. Great job sewing for yourself!! Have fun wearing them!
Seamingly Smitten

domestic bliss squared

You did a fantastic job! I’m inspired.


I just may have to look for that pattern! It is super-cute, especially the black and white one. I would probably opt for a cotton knit which is much more comfy during our HOT summers! Thanks so much for sharing.

KC @ genxfinance

The benefits of sewing your own clothes. Comfortable, fresh, and they fit perfectly well.


super cute! They look perfect for summer!


Cute! You make it sound so easy I might try this for summer ~ if it ever comes!
I’m visiting from DIY Showoff. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up!
~ Megin of VMG206


I’m over from DIY Showoff. Very nice job on the dresses. This looks like a great wear-anywhere pattern. I also find that when you go by the measurements on the pattern, the article turns out too big. I have no idea what the pattern companies are thinking. We really don’t want to make the same dress twice!


I didn’t even know that was you in both dresses! Your hair looks great short or long, but it gives you an entirely different look when it’s cut.

The dresses are nice, I love the first one, it just looks and fits perfect.

Visiting today from Raising Imperfection.


What a lovely dress you are very talented. I can’t sew at all


Brenda Stirling
Brenda Stirling
Reply to  Molly

Carrie Hurst wrote on April 2 2013, Quote, I wish I could sew”, just maybe you are on your way to become a sewer, Just by the fact that you log on . Pat youself on Your back, CHEERS!!!!


I love how the turned out! I slightly prefer the first one, both for shape and fabric, the neckline is better, for me, a little bit lower (like the first)!
oh, and the black cat counts too 😉