A Memorial Day Sale That’s Worth Checking Out

We always like to tell our readers when something special is going on at one of the best fabric suppliers we know.  If you've not been tried Fabric.com yet, now would be a good time.

Fabric.com is launching at noon today a new Memorial Day Sale where you can save 20% off sitewide with a minimum purchase of $100.  The fabric prices are already pretty good at Fabric.com, so saving another 20% is a pretty rare event.

Just remember to use the code: MEMORIALDAY2019 when you check out to get your savings.

Save 20% HERE

Fabric.com is already popular with many of our readers.  They are frequent sponsors of giveaways on our site and provide wonderful fabric recommendations for many of our projects.  So if you're looking for fabric for that special, new project or just to build up your stash, please have a look at this sale!

In case you didn't know…

For those who don't know, Fabric.com is the world’s leading online fabric store.  Founded in 1993, Fabric.com focuses on bringing you a wide range of cotton print, home décor and apparel fabrics along with crafts and notions.  At any time their warehouse holds millions of yards of fabric.  Whether your needs run from denim to silk, linen to faux fur, velvet to shirtings, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find what you need.  Remember, because Fabric.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, you get all the terrific pre- and post-sale customer service you'd expect from a merchant you can really trust.

fabric.com giveaway

This sale is valid from today through Monday only, so don't miss it!


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I argue that you will not necessarily get good customer service at Fabric.com. (I did not know they were associated with Amazon.) I had my first order with fabric.com this past spring for a production of The Tempest with San Jose Youth Shakespeare. One of the fabrics had a flaw in the backing. When I contacted them my options were to either totally return the fabric (I was under a production deadline) or get a $10 credit toward a FUTURE purchase. Both were not good options to me; I asked for a $10 refund right then. I am unwilling to make a future purchase just to get the credit. They were sorry that my expectations were not met. What I expected was flaw free fabric!

When I attempted to leave a review of the fabric pointing out the potential for flaws and my unsatisfaction with their customer service, they declined publishing my review! I was totally shocked. They made no other attempt to rectify the situation. As a result, I am very hesitant to buy from this company again. (My purchase was about $270, so it was not too small and insignificant – or so I thought.)