Merry Christmas from Our Families to Yours!

By noon today, it was 107 degrees F/42 degrees C here in Dungog, New South Wales, Australia.  Later in the day and after a thunderstorm, it was only 72 degree F/22 degrees C and tomorrow it will be in the 60's, but that's pretty typical for this part of Australia this time of year.  Still, it seems a long way from the white Christmas that many of our readers in North America may be enjoying.

We're here in farming country in the Hunter Valley.  Our neighbors are mainly cattle farmers and the countryside is rolling hills.  Apparently, the word Dungog means “thinly wooded hills” in the local Aboriginal dialect and that's definitely an apt description.

This year has gone by so quickly, I almost get tired of saying it.  I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like I just finished making my New Year's resolutions for 2017 and the year has already ended.

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas.  Thank you so much for all your support and helpful comments throughout the year.  I'm really looking forward to bringing you new, fun and exciting sewing projects in the year to come.

It's so gratifying to see the progress that so many of you have made in your sewing skills.  I can only hope to play a small part in continuing that trend in the future.

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that the current, $989 Juki Sewing Bundle Giveaway just ended.  We will be announcing the winner shortly so please stay tuned!

Christmas in Dungog, New South Wales, Australia

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100 Responses to Merry Christmas from Our Families to Yours!

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  2. Nancy McKeown says:

    Wonderful pictures. You live in a beautiful place. At the moment I’m in the frozen deep freeze of Canada, such is winter in the north. Keep posting. Love your sewing projects. Happy New Year!

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  4. Kerry Davidson says:

    Wow, Dungog! Just up the road from me at Mallabula on the Tilligerry Peninsula (on the way to Nelson Bay). Lovely part of Australia.
    Love your posts by the way. Wishing you and your family and wonderful 2018

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Thank you, Kerry! I will be back in February, I was thinking of organizing a sewing morning to make a bag, would you be interested?

  5. Maria says:

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely families!

  6. GAYLE ZAHNER says:

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Im obviously not very observant cos I did not know that you were an Australian site.
    Yes I enjoy all that you put out there your blog is great, keep up the good work.

    So thanks again for everything
    Gayle Queensland Aus. (And yes it very hot here today)

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