Monthly pattern giveaway

Running all of 2015, win the sewing pattern of the month every month.  All entries carried forward all year!

Have you signed up to the newsletter recently? You may have been sent to the Welcome Page on the site for new followers, and as a thank you for signing up, there is a giveaway you can enter.

But if you are already on the list, or have been for a while, you might have missed it, so I thought you should ALL have a chance to enter. You'll find the entry form below.

The giveaway is an ongoing one, and you can drop in and enter daily, as well as make one off entries now too. Then once a month, on the 1st of each month, the system draws out one name from all of the entries so far and you win the Pattern of the Month.

PicMonkey Collage

Pattern of the Month so far this year:

January – On Safari Skirt
February – Moved to Tiers Tunic
March – Essential Travel and Passport Wallet
April – the Cross Body Bag
May – Date Night Wristlet and the Colby Bag
June – Tech or Tablet tote bag
July – Lilly Shift Dress
August – Pockets-a-plenty Purse

All non-winning entries are carried forward to all of the future draws each month so enter now and your entry will stay in the draw and stand a chance of winning every month until at least the end of the year.  If this seems successful, we can extend it.

Open to everyone, worldwide, take any or all of the options below, or just take the free entry option and you'll be entered each month to win a free pattern.
Just as a small thank you for following along.

Really, you all get a BIG Thank You from me for following along – you are the best – all of you!  Good luck everyone and thanks for entering.

Monthly new signup contest – Win the Pattern of the Month

If for any reason you don't see the entry form here in your browser, you can also find it HERE.  

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yvonne chappell
yvonne chappell

Hi my name is yvonne i love sewing but have had to have both legs of above the knee is there any one you can suggest aa way to so using the treddle different cannot do it with my elbow xx