Starting on my second ever quilt – a WIP

Making my 2nd quilt.  Cherie Jubilee from a ready made kit.  Love the mix of vintage and modern fabrics.I wasn't sure if I would ever make another quilt.  My first one had turned out OK despite several trials and errors (especially errors) along the way, but it hadn't especially been something I wanted to repeat.  Until that is, I gave it away to a friend for a baby shower gift and it melted my heart when she sent me a photo of it ready in the babies room, just waiting for the new arrival.

My first quilt

So I'd been keeping my eye open for a beginner design that appealed to me.  Because I can't get quilting fabrics on the island, I had already decided I would want to buy a ready made kit to make sure I had everything I needed and that all of the fabrics co-ordinated well.  It's certainly possible to mix and match fabrics to buy online, but buying a ready made kit with the pattern and everything certainly makes life easy.

I was looking for something that had a mix of both modern and vintage to it, square blocks and no difficult shapes or joins, but at the same time pretty and interesting,  Then I saw the Cherie Jubilee beginner quilt kit at Fort Worth Fabric Studio and I was sold.

Making my 2nd quilt.  Cherie Jubilee from a ready made kit.  Love the mix of vintage and modern fabrics.

It has such a pretty mix of colors, with both very modern fabrics (bicycles!) and more traditional floral too.  Fort Worth Fabric Studio also supplies the extra wide fabric to use as a single piece backing so I took that option as well so that I didn't have to piece together the back and have seams.


I admit, I did sit and look at it for a couple of hours before I plucked up the courage to cut up all the fabric.  I was undecided whether I should cut each block at a time, or whether I should cut up all the fabric and then sew the lot. What if I made a huge mistake!  Panic and self doubt…  But I do like to be efficient in the sewing room because time is limited for all of us, so I went for it and cut up the whole lot at once.  I was really pleased that I had a LOT of fabric left over so if I had made a mistake, there was enough to get me out of trouble, and more.

Making my 2nd quilt.  Cherie Jubilee from a ready made kit.  Love the mix of vintage and modern fabrics.

Then the sewing.  It was quick, fun and stress-free.  No complicated corners, nothing that had to match exactly or it would all be a disaster, plenty of options to make it just how you wanted it, mix and match fabrics, turn blocks in any direction you like – the perfect beginner quilt pattern.  All my blocks worked out just fine.  Here they are all laid out on the table in the right order.  I need a bigger table clearly – or maybe a big quilt design wall!

Making my 2nd quilt.  Cherie Jubilee from a ready made kit.  Love the mix of vintage and modern fabrics.

It almost looks a bit jumbled up laid out like this but once the white sashing is added, wow, it really pops and makes the shapes and colors look so much nicer.  I hadn't been sure about all that white sashing before, but once it was sewn- yes, its perfect.  So pretty in fact that I entirely forgot to take a picture  🙁

But it's all put away for now until I can find time to clear the dining room table and spread everything out ready for the layering and quilting.  Then you'll get to see how pretty it looks.  I'm excited about it now.  Be back soon with the finished quilt pics.

Get the Cherie Jubilee Quilt Kit here


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Karen Falzon

Hi Deby,
Go with the flow… you are a great sewer and designer, you can make the quilt with your eyes closed!!! Anke, I have made many, many, many quilts over many, many years, you don’t need a walking foot to quilt, it does help with keeping all 3 layers together but many a time I have quilted without it. Not sure where you live, but check ebay and your local trading site to see if someone is selling a walking foot cheaper.

Pat Gabriel
Pat Gabriel

Watch youtube video titled Hand Basting a Quilt 1 & 2 by Sharon Schamber. She shows a easy way to layer your quilt without having to have a large table. I hated putting the layers together until I found this video. It is easy, fast and absolutely on wrinkles. She also uses the herringbone stitch to baste which is also faster.


I love the fabrics in this collection! And yes, the pattern is so simple and should be wonderful toward instilling the confidence necessary to say, “yes, I am a quilter….I’m addicted”!!!


Ah, and a question – do you use a walking foot for it? For my brother it is about 35 dollars and I would try to do it without if possible. I have to google about experiences with that, but I would like to avoid this.


I will google how people manage to quilt without walking foot – and search on the German Amazon site for a similar kit (with shipping it’s over 23 Euros and then I have to go to the customs … thanks!

Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

Deby, I love the fabrics in this kit! Good for you to give making a quilt another try. I will be making a baby quilt for my newest grandson who is due in March. Always a fun project!


That sounds like a great kit! I’d love to have a go at making a quilt this year. I just hope that my machine (Janome DC3050) and skills are up to it. This one looks really good though and the fabric is beautiful. Good on you giving it another go. I had a look at your previous post and I think your first quilt looks fab. I bet the recipient was very happy with it.


Good to know you are making a quilt again! I already mentioned in the forum that I am going to do a baby blanket until summer, so I am looking forward watching other beginners learning 🙂
Good choice of quilt design, like it!