National Book Month sewing projects

20+ book-related sewing ideas for National Book Month

Did you know that January was National Book Month and the third full week in January is National Book Week.  Reading is SUCH an important part of life, for personal pleasure and enjoyment, for recreation, for learning, for reference and of course for employment skills and more.

Make reading fun!  How about some of these 20+ projects for National Book Month.  From simple book covers, to book marks you can make in minutes and a few more complicated projects too.  I love the idea of a reading pillow that supports the book on your lap.

Of course many books are going digital now, much of our reading time is actually spent reading online instead of on paper so there's a project or two for the digital readers too.

 20+ book-related sewing projects to try for National Book Month



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7 Responses to National Book Month sewing projects

  1. Paula says:

    deby, you always have some of the most awesome patterns and I love your designs and that I can make them in petite.

  2. Thank you Deby for all wonderful projects.
    My favorites are the Prop up Tablet case and the crazy little project mini book,
    Bloom and blossom book cover.

    But are all so wonderful.

  3. Pat Huggins says:

    How do I get these book patterns?

    • Hi Pat. The pictures are ‘clickable.’ If you right click and open each link you are interested in, in a new window, you’ll be taken through to the websites that have the tutorials for all of these projects while still keeping the original list open. Or you can just click on the picture to go there but then you’ll have to use your back button to come back to the original list if there is a number you would like to look at. Hope this helps.

  4. Love your pattern – thank you so much!!!

  5. kweenbee612 says:

    SEW awesome Deby, Thank You for the legwork!!

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