National Sewing Month – celebrate with a great giveaway!

Huge sewing giveaway for National Sewing Month over on So Sew Easy. Win a sewing machine, iron, fabric, books, thread, patterns, OTT lite, and lots more. Closes 30 Sept.


Yay for National Sewing Month and YAY again for all the AWESOME companies who have been kind enough to donate prizes for this fabulous NSM giveaway!  Starting today and running until the end of the month, I have a fabulous selection of prizes to giveaway to celebrate, and to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following So Sew Easy this year.  I'm so very excited to be able to share this with you, thanks totally to all of the companies who have donated prizes.  Please give them your thanks and support too.

I truly couldn't do all this without you and your support, so fingers crossed that you'll be a lucky winner.  There are two giveaways, and you can enter one or the other, but not both.  The first one is for those with a USA mailing address, that's at the top of the page, and then down at the bottom is another entry form for the International Giveaway.  So if you don't have a USA mailing address, enter there for a chance to win a different set of prizes that can be sent internationally.

USA Giveaway


A get started in sewing trio of goodies from Singer

Huge sewing giveaway for National Sewing Month over on So Sew Easy. Win a sewing machine, iron, fabric, books, thread, patterns, OTT lite, and lots more. Closes 30 Sept.

  • Starlet electronic sewing machine – Step up to the SINGER® STARLET™ sewing machine and you’ll have easy to use features that will inspire you to create new projects. From home decor to fashions, you'll start sewing faster than ever with an automatic needle threader and customizable stitch settings. Plus, get creative with up to 100 built-in stitches. Now you can do more than ever before.
  • Expert Finish Iron – The SINGER Expert Finish iron features 1700 watts, advanced LCD electronic temperature control with 9 settings, vertical steam capabilities, open soleplate tip for excellent pleat and under-button ironing and burst of steam capabilities for stubborn wrinkles. This iron also features stainless steel soleplate with anti drip technology, 360 degree swivel cord and 3-way smart auto off.
  • Pro series sewing kit – Two compartments with zipper tops and handle for storage or on-the-go.  Includes: comfort grip seam ripper, decorative needle threader, 10 hand needles, 40 straight pins, 8.5″ fabric scissors, 25 safety pins, sewing gauge, slap-on wrist pin cushion, 60″ tape measure, thimble, 2 thread spools (150 yards each), water soluble marking pencil

A BIG Thank you to Singer for putting together such an amazing package of prizes for us.  Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.  If you don't win the star prize, then there are 4 runner up prizes below too.

Visit SINGER at Website / Facebook / Twitter Pinterest YouTube

Runner Up Prize 1 – Quilting

3 books from Landauer Publishing


Visit Landauer Publishing at Website / Facebook / Pinterest / YouTube

Longarm Quilting Services from Granny Sassy Designs

Granny Sassy

  • $100 in expert long-arm quilting services from Granny Sassy Designs.  Terms and conditions apply, batting, backing and postage not included.

Visit Granny Sassy at Website Facebook / Etsy

Prize 2 – garment sewing

1 Pack of 1/2 inch knit stay tape from the So Sew Easy store on Etsy

Everything you need to know about Knit Stay Tape - its a miracle.! I'll be using this on all my knit and stretch projects from now on.

 2 Books from Storey Publishing

Storey publishing

Visit Storey Publishing at Website Facebook TwitterYouTube

Sewing pattern of your choice from the McCall Pattern Company


Visit McCall's at Website Facebook TwitterPinterest YouTube

Prize 3 – general sewing notions

‘Best Selection' pack of 45 threads from Aurifil

PicMonkey Collage

  • Aurifil Best Selection pack of 45 threads – value $200

Visit Aurifil at Website Facebook Pinterest YouTube

Very Berry Pack from Kai Scissors


  • VERY BERRY 5000 series 3-piece gift set – value $54.99

Visit Kai Scissors at Website Facebook 

Drink charms and cookie stamp from Say it with Applique

Applique 2

Visit Say it with Applique at Website Facebook Pinterest / YouTube

Stuff from my stash


  • A folding seam ripper
  • 2 rolls of variegated thread
  • 2 bag and accessory sewing patterns
  • Dress form greeting cards

 Prize 4 – light me up

Sewer's Floor Lamp from OttLite


  • 18W Sewer's floor lamp with accessory tray – value $200
  • Smart storage meets great lighting. The flexible neck and multi-position shade help you easily direct powerful illumination exactly where you need it. And, the Craft Organizer Tray attaches to the floor lamp and includes a pin cushion, deep pocket for scissors and pencils, and a magnetized compartment to safely hold pins and needles.

 Visit OttLite at Website Facebook Twitter/ Pinterest YouTube

 LED Lighting Kit from Inspired LED


Visit Inspired LED at Website Facebook / Pinterest YouTube install video

USA National Sewing Month giveaway

If you can't see the entry form, you can also find it HERE.

General terms and conditions.  Both giveaways will close on 30th September (Cayman time).  Entrants should enter one or the other but not both.  Prizes will be allocated in the order of drawing the winners.  So Sew Easy is not responsible for the delivery of prizes.  Winners details will be provided to the giveaway sponsors who will send prizes direct.



Not in the US?   I've got a nice selection of prizes for you if you aren't in the US because these can be sent worldwide, thanks to the generosity of the great sponsors below.  Readers from anywhere in the world are welcome to enter below.  Each winner wins one prize from the list below, and will be allocated prizes according to the order drawn.  Good luck and thanks for your entry. (Please if you are in the US, don't enter this one as well, just the one above. Thank you for your understanding.)

Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Course + 8 Doll Clothes Patterns from Rosie's


  Visit Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns at Website Facebook Pinterest   

 Any two bag sewing patterns from Swoon


  Visit Swoon Sewing Patterns at Website Facebook Pinterest   

One class of your choice from Craftsy


    • ANY class of your choice from Craftsy, sewing, quilting, cooking, painting, cake decorating and lots more to choose from – value up to $70

 Visit Craftsy at Website Facebook TwitterPinterest YouTube  

Voucher for Handmade Buttons from McAnaraks


    • 25 Pounds Sterling voucher to spend on custom handmade buttons from McAnaraks. (Postage excluded, will send internationally)

  Visit McAnaraks at Website Facebook Pinterest  

Pre-fused fabric monogram from Say it with Applique

Applique 1

    • 3 letter pre-fused laser cut fabric circle monogram

 Visit Say it with Applique at Website Facebook Pinterest / YouTube   

Entry form for the International Giveaway.

International National Sewing Month Giveaway

If you can't see the entry form, you can find it HERE.


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52 Responses to National Sewing Month – celebrate with a great giveaway!

  1. Nancy says:

    I had a hard time selecting just one favorite runner up prize. They are all great

  2. Pat Wellings says:

    Hello Deby, I’m not very good on computers and just noticed that I had been entering both USA and International competitions, although I thought I had only entered the one for the UK. So sorry about this, can you delete? Thank you for your website, I really enjoy it.

  3. Ann Rippel says:

    love all the prizes thank you.

  4. Pamela says:

    Doesn’t everyone love a giveaway?? Thanks for the chance to win anything sewing!

  5. mindi says:

    Great collection of fabulous prizes! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. fayjones47 says:

    This would be a great prize for a sewing beginner such as myself!

  7. Linda Wills says:

    It would be great to win an awesome sewing prize. Very generous of the companies to offer such great gifts.

  8. Edmond says:

    . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me

  9. Beth Balius says:

    I would love to win one of the prizes. Thank you for all the diligent work to get compa ies to donate. I love your site

  10. mahi says:

    I love sewing machines 😀

  11. Lynnae says:

    I think this is wonderfull ill keep my fingers crossed on winning a new machine… that will be a prayer answered.. thank you.

  12. Margaret Reid says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes, I have been following for quite some time. It seems we have the same tastes. I just downloaded a pattern of your using the new PDF layered file. WOW. Thanks for that too Debi. You work very hard for us, and I sincerely appreciate it. (Big Hug)

  13. Judith Martinez says:

    I’m most excited about prize #4! I’ve always wanted better lighting for my sewing!

  14. Cheryl says:

    Great ideas on your site!

  15. jackie Hart says:

    Thank you

  16. Kim K says:

    i really want to try and win something

  17. Jennie says:

    Oh it was so fun to go to all the companies that donated and look around. A great giveaway, thank you

  18. Diane says:

    Thanks for organizing such a wonderful giveaway!

  19. Carmen says:

    Thank you.most sites don’t have draws open to Canada.

  20. Juanita vega dejoseph says:

    Thank you for organizing this contest! They are all really great prizes!

  21. I agree with Irene Plonka, Rules are rules.
    I would suggest to anyone that has a comment about not being included to contact the wonderful vendors directly. They are the ones that have given Deby her guidelines. By contacting them and expressing your thoughts you could perhaps convince them to include your location. Nothing ventured… Nothing gained. Wonderful giveaway Deby.

  22. Genevieve Caswell says:

    I really do appreciate all you guys do, Your AMAZING 🙂 God Bless

  23. Deby! Love your emails and the tips/patterns/etc. that you give so generously!

  24. Irene Plonka says:

    What a great contest. Thank you for sponsoring it and lining up all the companys’ donations. I really do not understand people complaining, rules are rules.

  25. Irene Plonka says:

    I send packages USPS and it depends how far the package is going. I am sure a package sent to PR would be more expensive than to a mainland state.

  26. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these spectacular prizes. I have been following your site by email for quite awhile and enjoy your posts and tutorials. Thanks for sharing everything that you do. Have a wonderful creative day!

  27. Jen says:

    So excited for a chance to win a prize!! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  28. Phyllis White says:

    Thanks for the chance to win something here! Good luck everyone.

  29. Angela says:

    Very generous of the sponsors!!! Thank you… With VAT and shipping, I imagine international shipping would be astoundingly expensive 🙁 I have seen a number of give aways in the sewing community limited to Europe so it goes both ways, not just from the USA to others.

  30. Lynette Panozzo says:

    I am over the moon that Australia is included in this giveaway. I am so passionate about sewing.Thank you again.

  31. kari says:

    hi there

    i know its amazing that you do give away great items, but i think it is so unfair that once again people in canada are excluded from the better prizes. im on assistance and two machines, one from the 60s are both being repaired again and i need two hundred dollars to get them both out . i dont have it now so everything im doing to make extra money is on hold . i cant say enough of how much and how i would love to win and could so use a new sewing machine that works and wont break down every month where i have to find money for. shipping to an address is shipping. abit extra costs shouldnt discount people that are still buying so much product from the usa.

    • It’s not me that excludes you Kari, its the companies that give away the prizes. They tell me where they will be able to ship to, and most often its only to their own country, not internationally. I do my absolute best to find suppliers globally to offer prizes for everyone. I’m sorry you are so disappointed and hope that you will be able to find another giveaway that offers a free sewing machine to people in Canada.

  32. I would love to win something. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. Jane Ritz says:

    This is amazing. Thank you for the chance.

  34. whollyfool says:

    Wow, great prizes! Thanks!

  35. Diane Cullum says:

    Irma, I used to work for USPS and Puerto Rico would be considered US. All postage for these prizes would be the same to send to you.

  36. Mandy Hagan says:

    It is lovely you have catered for international entrants. However I am very disappointed that singer cannot offer the first prize to those in europe.

  37. Sarah Kakia says:

    Deby, I love how you take your international friends into consideration. Thank you for such generosity!

  38. VickiT says:

    Wow Deby! Awesome prizes. Such great sponsors to offer all those prizes too.
    Thank you.

  39. Becky Burns says:

    These are some really great prizes!!

  40. Irma says:

    Do you consider Puerto Rico as US or international? We have that problem all the time. We are a US territory and we use USPS.

    • Ah, I’m not entirely sure. Would a supplier in the US be able to send the prize to you for the same cost as sending it to anywhere in the US mainland? If so, then I think you would be a US entrant. If the postage would be more expensive, then you would be international. Its all about the cost to the suppliers to send the prizes to the winners.

    • Chris Bauer says:

      You are for sure international. Good luck!

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