National Sewing Month


September is National Sewing Month – yay.  So I expect you'll be wanting to hear about all the fun things I've got planned.  Er, except I haven't planned anything special – darn, I am such a blogging loser!  With so many sewing bloggers really pulling out the stops this month I know you'll not be disappointed with so much great content on offer. I'll be sharing some of the best content I find online in social media such as Facebook and Pinterest so if you don't already follow now is the time to do so.

Facebook  -oh no, look at that !  I haven't even changed the header image on the Facebook page since February.  Yikes, makes the place look unloved, but actually I do like the page and use it every day.

Feb facebook cover

Naturally I promote my new blog articles on the page, but I try to not make it all about me.  Who wants to read that!  So I share projects that readers send in along with their photos, or share links to other blogs where people have tried out my patterns, or I'll share some of the best free sewing patterns I find, or the most interesting sewing content from around the web.

But don't worry that I'll be clogging up your newsfeed with silly sewing memes – as much as I love them.  I only post once or twice a day.  Once in the morning, and sometimes in the evening too.  So feel free to drop over and give me a LIKE if you would like to follow along with the chatter on the page.  Sometimes its quiet, sometimes people are chatting away like crazy.

Pinterest – I know that lots of you already follow on Pinterest and especially the two top boards for the Free Sewing Patterns and the Sewing Tips and Tutorials.

Follow me on Pinterest

Follow me on Pinterest

But there are also other boards there I'm working on such as holiday boards for Halloween, Valentines or Christmas sewing, special boards for help with Zippers, Working with Knits or bias binding, or collections of patterns and inspiration such as boards for Bags or Aprons.

I also have a few personal boards too where I share some of my favorite travel dreams or inspiration for my beach house, if I should ever get one. But its mostly all for sewing.

YouTube – as much as I hate the sound of my own voice, sometimes its easier to show a project on film than it is to try to take lots of photos.  So I'll make videos from time to time and you can find them all on my YouTube Channel here.  I also try to remember to add them to my Video Tutorials page (you can find it on the top menu under Tutorials, then Video Tutorials.) Sigh, look, that's out of date too.  I have some housework to do!


Coming up this month – guests

The usual schedule of things, no sort of theme or reason, just because that's what I've been sewing.  However, I do have a few guests on the site this month.

  • Gwen will be telling us how to know how much extra fabric you need to buy for pattern matching and offering a great giveaway too
  • Gosia, who won the Make it Yours Bag Contest will be sharing her post on how to sew her own unique style
  • Michelle will be writing about her experiences in sewing with a most unexpected fabric and also offering a free pattern and giveaway too
  • Anke will be sharing a pattern and tutorial for a bag she made that I know you'll love

What I'm working on

Here's a quick peak of what I've been working on and will write about this month.

  • This month's free pattern – a wrap top based on the much loved Wrap Dress
  • Making handmade baby toys, including a guest post on the same subject
  • Another baby blanket, lots of work but well worth the effort
  • The Give Me a Shrug Top pattern of the month
  • and others things I don't have finished yet but should do for this month

So after all that, I actually think it's going to be a great month!  You'll have some new ideas from  our guests, a couple of giveaways and whatever falls under my needle this month too.

Enjoy National Sewing Month!  Till next year.  If anyone has any ideas how we can celebrate National Sewing Month next year, leave a comment and I'll see if I can do a better job of being organised for then.

And just for fun, a sewing funny for you.  Ooh, I feel all warm all of a sudden.


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Love your blog! Voted only for yours! Sent the funny to my daughter.

Betty McClure
Betty McClure

Hi, Deby. You have so much good information in your newsletter! I laughed at the “sewing table” funny! I hope you are well. Thank you for the amazing job you do. Betty