Make new sewing friends locally with the sewing map

A worldwide sewing map for sewers, groups and fabric stores. Contact a new sewing friend, arrange a sewing meetup or start a new sewing or quilting group locally.We know there are people who love to sew everywhere, but did you know there are most probably people who love to sew very locally to you that you don't even know about.  They might find themselves in the same situation as you are – looking for a fitting buddy, someone to help them measure, or just be looking for a new friend who shares a common interest that they can go fabric shopping with.

Or maybe you are looking for the best sewing and fabric shops near you, in a new town, or in a place you'll be visiting for your next vacation.


Or maybe you'd love to arrange a sewing meet-up in your area or even start a new sewing or quilting group with like-minded local people.

15440309115_9889755340photo credit: Close-Up, Multiple quilts on display – King of Kings Quilt Ministry 2014 via photopin (license) 


Then for all these reasons and many more, this new Sewing Map is for you!  The internet is a great way for us to connect online and chat with our sewing friends, but we can also use it to connect to people in the real world too.

Find sewers and shopping wherever you are


How to browse around the map

  • Allow the page and the map to fully load.  You may need to be a little patient  🙂
  • Click on the map above and your mouse will turn to a little hand.
  • You can use that hand to hold down on the mouse and move the map around until your location is near the center of the window.  Then use the + key on the bottom right to zoom in.
  • Use a combination of dragging and zooming until you find your location.
  • Click on any markers near to you to see the details the other sewers have left.
  • You can click on website addresses to visit those links too.
  • Contact a new sewing friend who might live just down the road but you didn't know was there!
  • Sew / shop / fit / quilt with a friend.

How to add yourself to the map

To add your own details to the map, you'll need to go full screen with all of the options.

  • Click on the ‘box'  top right (on the map above) to open the map into full screen mode in a new window.

Map 1

  • If you aren't already logged in to your Google account, you'll need to do that.
  • Click where it says EDIT so that you can add yourself or a store.

Map 2

  • Hold and drag the mouse to find the right location, and zoom in and out with that + and – sign bottom right.  Or use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll in and out too.
  • Use a combination of dragging and zooming until you find your location.
  • You can also search for the location using the box at the top of the page, for your town or even your address, or a business name
  • Click on your exact location (or as near as you want to if you just want to add yourself to the town center, that's OK too)
  • Click on the little ‘teardrop'  icon to add a location marker.

map 3

  • Click on the map where you want to add your marker and a box comes up for your info.  Fill in your name in the top box, and then if you would be willing for people to contact you, fill in your contact details in the lower box such as your email address or a website, or a Facebook profile page.
  • You can also add a little bit about you in this box if you like.

map 4

  • You can edit your details if you want to change them.  Or you can even change the little icon from a teardrop to something more fun.

Map 5

And there you are, officially on the map.

If you make a mistake, add yourself in the middle of the ocean, add the location and don't add your details, you can click back on the original point marker and delete it and then try again, or edit or drag it to the right place.

Please DON'T change the name or description of the map, add or remove layers, or edit or move the locations of other users, or change any of the settings.  Otherwise things get really messed up! Thank you.

Mobile users?

Some users have reported that they can't add themselves using their phones, while others have reported it works OK on tablets in some browsers and not others.  Sorry – this can't be helped, it's a Google thing.  If you have trouble, you may have to try using a laptop or regular computer at work.

How to add a store or business to the map too

  • You can search for a business by name as well as scroll by location to find them on the map. Searching by name may give the best results and link to their site.

Map 6

  • Click on their icon that comes up, and then verify this is the correct place, before clicking ‘Add to Map'

Map 7 copy

Privacy and security

If you do ‘meet up' online with someone via the map and make a new sewing friend, that's great!  Please be aware that online, people may not always be who they say they are.  It's a sad fact, but to protect yourself, always meet a stranger in a public place, bring a friend with you and let people know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
I honestly don't think an internet stalker is going to track you down and target you through a sewing site when they are far easier targets, but please be sensible about sharing your personal info.

If you do add your email address, website address or Facebook profile to the map, then you are inviting others on the map to contact you.  Make some new friends and have even more sewing fun!  Maybe start a new group, or arrange a group meet up. I hope to hear all about it.  I wish I lived closer so I could join in the fun and meet up with more of you.

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munyanyi jocylyn
munyanyi jocylyn

I am so glad to find friends who like sewing


I love too sew,I make Quilts and alot more like Dolls pillows and Curtains bags n box clothes


I am new member this web and be sewing beginner , i am glad to meet everybody who love sewing too

Reply to  Thanaya

Nice to meet you I have been sewing for 53years. Just relaxe and enjoy each task


Hi, I can’t find the link to getr to the map! Help?!

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Alison

Hi Alison you need to click on the map in the post and your mouse will turn to a little hand. It is the photo with the red marking dots, third from the top. here is the link
to the post

Patricia Stowe

Very cool!

Carolanne Donovan

What a great idea! I added myself and contacted a few people in my area about joining a sewing meetup group I started 🙂

Stacie Aho

Thank you so much for creating this! I hope it is ok that I shared it on my blog (feel free to give me what-for if not)… 🙂


It’s an excellent idea. Would it be possible for it to be combined with this map of people who sew?


Thank you for creating this map! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this morning that links to your map.

Marie Jose Loly de Cooman ( Micky)
Marie Jose Loly de Cooman ( Micky)

First time I entered, seems to be interesting, I’ll come back with more time
is complicated to insert my address or site where I live…will try again


I was able to add myself, but now I don’t see my name listed on the left.


Once I got it added correctly, I accidentally moved it. I deleted that and started over. Now that it’s there, I wish the list was alphabetical.

Allen-Robinson Jackye
Allen-Robinson Jackye

I like it


This is fun and a great idea, but how do i get on the list??


Great concept. too bad you’re forced to be signed in to google to be able to add yourself. I despise their snoopy info gathering tactics. I’ll pass


Thanks so much, Deby! What a great idea!